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--- Have a Smidge of Jesus ---


Modular Trade Show Booth Display

She came out from behind her table.

Took two quick steps and was standing right in front of me.

“Can I ask you a question?”

That was a question but I assumed she meant another one.

Of course.

Ask away.

I’d just performed at a large ministry conference.

Festive wouldn’t overstate my emotional state of being.

“Did you share Jesus with the audience?”


She didn’t know this because she had been busily tending her booth in the exhibit hall.

“Can I ask why not?”

That’s three questions now.

It didn’t occur to me to offer an alter call to a room full of ministers.

Sort of figured the word was out on Jesus.

And besides, I was hired to be funny.

“But you don’t know who in that room might not know about Jesus!”

Her first statement.

And she was right.

There’s no way to tell whether or not my audience knows Jesus.

“What if someone gets in a car accident on the way home?”

“They might die and you didn’t offer them Jesus!”

That sort of thing happens all the time.

People snatched from God’s salvation by freak accidents seconds before His grace can reach them.

At least she wasn’t asking questions anymore.

For a welcome change of pace, she was now hurling accusations.

I hadn’t realized the eternal implications of my little comedy skit.

The fate of every soul in the auditorium was in my hands.

But what about those souls who weren’t in the auditorium?

What about the booth vendors in the exhibit hall?

Her neighbors!

Had she shared Jesus with the missionaries at the table across from hers?

Had she shared the gospel with the Bible translators at the next booth over?


She hadn’t.

What if these people died in a car crash on the way home?

It didn’t dawn on me until later that I should have shared Jesus with that lady.

Jesus who said, “Come to me when you’re tired and I will give you rest.”

She was obviously very fatigued.

Taking personal responsibility for the salvation of all mankind is exhausting.

I can’t do it.

That’s why Jesus did.

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