1 Reason

Apparently, Netflix is offering 13 Reasons to kill yourself.

That’s really going above and beyond.

Who needs that many reasons?

Nobody makes a list of pros and cons of suicide.

“I want to kill myself, but I’ve got a fridge full of left-over lasagna…”

No number of reasons makes killing yourself… reasonable.

You don’t need any reasons to be irrational.

All emotional crises are unplanned.

When you put a breakdown on the calendar…that’s called a ‘vacation’.

Netflix only needed one reason to create “13 Reasons”.


And the ratings are through the roof!

Congrats, Netflix!

The grand irony is…

…there aren’t even 13 reasons to watch “13 Reasons”.

There is only one.


It’s not useful for real life.

I’m sure this is true because it’s popular.

Most culturally popular things can be safely disregarded.

Because our culture is very good at finding wretched, vile, unholy things…

…and falling in love with them.

We equate fame with virtue.

We derive truth by consensus.

Our ethics are practiced when convenient.

So slowly we’ve siphoned our souls away.

Hope gets traded for despair.

Desperation makes for excellent television.

And it makes some people want to kill themselves.

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