2 Jobs Donald Trump Can’t Do

Politics has become so political.

And by political, I mean mindless.

Politics has little to do with laws or policies anymore.

Politics is mostly about feelings.

We don’t want a ‘good’ President.

We want a ‘compassionate’ President.

We want the President to feel our pain.

We want the President to come to our house and gather storm debris from our yard.

In a crisis, we expect the President to write us a check.

We insist that the President spend every day proving to us that he cares.

For that, we need to be ashamed of ourselves.

These are 2 jobs the President cannot do…

Donald Trump cannot write compassionate laws.

Mostly because Presidents aren’t lawmakers.

Congress is supposed to do that.

But we’re pretty dumb in America and we let former Presidents write some laws.

Supposedly, these laws were examples of compassion.

Again, that’s dumb.

Laws cannot be compassionate.

Laws are just rules.

Rules are morally neutral.

You decide the morality of a rule for yourself.

If you are an illegal immigrant with the benefits of a US citizen, you’ll feel the DACA is compassionate.

If you had a family member murdered by an illegal immigrant, you’ll feel differently about the DACA.

The point is, the President cannot make everybody happy.

The other point is that you’re a selfish imbecile if you expect the President to make YOU happy.

Federal laws are supposed to be beneficial FOR THE COUNTRY AS A WHOLE.

In any specific law, it is the job of individual citizens to be compassionate.

It’s YOUR job to be compassionate.

Donald Trump cannot take care of you.

I sincerely feel sorry for you if this news shocks you.

I know you heard some promises during the Presidential campaign.

Here’s another harsh bit of reality.

Politicians say things that aren’t true just so you’ll vote for them.


Candidates lie to voters.

If you’ve ever cast a vote because you were promised some personal reward, you’ve been duped.

Now, dry your tears and learn a lesson.

You will not personally benefit from every law enacted by the Government.

Laws, by nature, always restrict freedom…NEVER create it.

Donald Trump can’t think about you all the time.

There are other people in the country.

It’s time to put aside your selfish crusade for ‘compassion’.

Start a personal journey to discover ’empathy’.

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