2 Truths About The ‘Osteen Scandal’ That Nitwits Won’t Understand

Wrote one of the least controversial articles in my recent memory.

And created a boatload of controversy.

Sort of.

Controversy requires opposing viewpoints.

An angry, semi-coherent screed isn’t actually a ‘viewpoint’.

Just like banging a drum isn’t actually music.

(Try to identify a piece of music without the vocals and other instruments…I defy you.)

I’m going to say this as gently as I can…

…some of you Christians are embarrassing.

I’m going to attempt (one last time) to explain what’s going on with the ‘Osteen Scandal’.


For the record, I am NOT a fan of Joel Osteen.

I am a HUGE FAN of critical thinking.


Critics of Joel Osteen hated him long before the hurricane.

Years before the flood waters hit Houston, folks called Osteen a selfish, egotistical, huckster.

The storm attracted national attention and the critics seized the opportunity.

There was NO WAY Osteen would get credit for doing the right thing.

If he opened the doors of the church…he didn’t open them soon enough.

If he handed out groceries…he didn’t hand out blankets.

If he handed out blankets…he didn’t hand out shoes.

No matter what Osteen does…it isn’t what Jesus would have wanted him to do.

During a disaster, Joel Osteen’s sermon notes are irrelevant.

He’s a ‘false teacher’.

I get it.

Guess what?

When you harp at Joel about God’s will for the Lakewood Church building…

…you’re officially a ‘false teacher’ too!

You’re just less successful than Osteen.

The Bible contains no specific hurricane protocols.

Osteen said he was praying for the flood victims.

But God is telling you that he should do more.

God is talking directly to you about Joel Osteen’s faithfulness.

Your personal contribution to flood relief…

…is explaining how Scripture clearly opposes Joel.

Then, you turn around and accuse me of being JUDGMENTAL!

If you still can’t see your stupidity…beg God for wisdom.

Hypocritical Christians are bigger than the KKK!

The Ku Klux Klan is a hateful group of closed minded nitwits.

But the KKK wears robes and hoods, so they’re easy to spot.

You hypocrites don’t wear hoods so you think you’re better than the KKK.

You’re  not.

You’re just as hateful and closed minded as the clan.

However, you’re a bit more arrogant.

You don’t think the rest of us can see you.

6 thoughts on “2 Truths About The ‘Osteen Scandal’ That Nitwits Won’t Understand

  1. Joyce says:

    I’m curious as to how we know it was Christians doing the bashing? No arguments just how do we know this? I didn’t see the label Christian or non- christian in the posts I read. I’m not saying there weren’t any Christians in the mix,no doubt there were. I agree with the point made, what are you doing to help the victims of Houston? Tend to your own house, is my words. We are known by our actions. God will judge our hearts one day. Love one another is what we are to do. If we did, mainstream media would be out of business.

    • John Branyan says:

      The criticisms didn’t come exclusively from Christians. I wrote to Christians because we’re family.

      In my family, we call each other out for hypocrisy. When you love someone, you tell them they’re misbehaving. This includes telling our brothers and sisters piling on Joel Osteen to knock it off. In their exuberance to ‘love’ the flood victims, they are abusing a fellow family member.

  2. Sally Krakora Smith says:

    As a fellow Christian, I have plenty of my own sinful ways to deal with, let alone make judgments on others. Joel Osteen and President Trump have one thing in common, neither one can say or do anything well enough, soon enough, complete enough for the media. People who are criticizing have decided long in advance that they hate both. . .

  3. Sharon Griswold says:

    Ok. I will weigh in on this subject. The biggest issue we have as citizens of the family of God is this. Who of us is without sin? Who of us is without fault? Who of us is always perfect? Who of us always loves as Jesus loves? If anyone answers with an affirmative to any of these questions above then you are a liar. The Bible clearly states that if anyone says that he is without sin, he is liar and the truth is not in him. 1 John 1:8-9
    The Bible also says that if we judge others we ourselves will be judged Matthew 7:1-7.
    Christians are not immune to sinning. As long as we are on this side of eternity we will all fall from time to time. The biggest question to me is. How do we handle it after we sin. Do we truly repent of our sin before God, meaning turning away completely from the way we were living or acting or what we say, to living, acting, saying the way .Jesus demonstrated for us how to live,act, talk. Comparing us to the KKK, I think is a bit harsh, John. So none of us are perfect. However we do need to be careful in regards to false teachers. Always checking what we have heard with the word of God. Listening to the Holy Spirit to help us discern the truth according to God’s word.
    That is all I will say on the matter.

  4. Patricia Colbourn says:

    Did anyone think of this!!
    It takes time to get the supplies and personnel there at the same time.
    Was there going to be flooding in the church?Did they have everything set up to open? etc.
    There are just three however there are many more.

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