3 Things That Are Not Joel Osteen’s Fault

Boy, that Joel Osteen, huh?

He’s made a gazillion bucks (estimated) preaching that God is a big, warm, teddy bear who just wants people to be happy.

A bunch of those people believed him…

…then their houses washed away in a Hurricane.

So now those same people want Joel to step up and correct God’s error.

Even though I am enjoying watching the Osteen chickens come home to roost…

…I am compelled to write the truth.


So here are 3 things for which  Joel Osteen cannot be blamed.

Joel Osteen is not responsible for Hurricane Harvey

Natural disasters are not within Osteen’s power to manifest.

There is only one person who can control the weather:

Donald Trump.

The hurricane was created to advance white supremacy.

Trump has yet to publicly denounce the gale winds and flood waters.

Suspicious, don’t you think?

Joel Osteen is not responsible for anti-Christian hypocrisy.

Humanist, atheists, pagans and non-believers are a frothing, flock of outrage.

Utterly dismayed by Osteen’s refusal to “open the doors of the church”.

The church doors have been open many times before, and these twits haven’t bothered to go in.

They’ve no use for Christianity until it comes time to criticize Christians.

Suddenly, the godless are experts on the subject of God!

They are theological scholars, brimming with the wisdom of a thousand Facebook memes.

Osteen is a Christian and that is reason enough to attack him.

The hurricane is merely a useful distraction.

Joel Osteen is not responsible for Christian hypocrisy.

Christians, here is an important question to answer BEFORE you wag your finger at Joel:

“How many flood victims are living in your house right now?”


You don’t even live in Texas?


…shut your yap.

Instead of moralizing on Twitter, get in a boat and go pull some people out of the water.

Or haul some groceries to Lakewood Church!

(Yeah. Lakewood is organizing some flood relief efforts.)

You sickening, sanctimonious slug.

Your own righteousness is a filthy rag.

Do you really think you should criticize Joel’s?

I applaud the selflessness of everyone helping out in Texas.

No matter who they are…

…or how they do it.


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