A Good Question To Ask If You’re Stupid

Heard a child say this about Freddie Mercury (lead singer for Queen)

He’s a god!

Heard a sports announcer say this about Magic Johnson (not lead singer for Queen)

He’s a god!

Heard a history teacher say this about Zeus (yes, that Zeus)

He’s a god!

So it’s no wonder we’re confused about God.

At some point, God went from being the unique, omnipotent inventor of reality…

…to just a really talented musician.

No disrespect to Magic Johnson but dunking a basketball isn’t as impressive as designing a person who can dunk a basketball.

We mistake the created for the creator.

Which never happens when we eat dessert.

This cupcake is a pastry chef!

And it doesn’t happen when we see art.

This masterpiece is an artist!

We don’t do this because…it’s stupid.

It’s even more stupid to say “Man is God”…but we do it anyway.

Then, when we try to actually talk about “God”, we encounter stupid questions like,

Which God are you talking about?


This is akin to raising your hand during a tour of the Sistine Chapel and asking:

Which Michelangelo are you talking about?

Nobody asks that question because we don’t call everybody who picks up a paintbrush “Michelangelo”.

If you don’t know anything about Michelangelo you should reason…

…he was NOT an ornate plaster ceiling.

Likewise, if you don’t know anything about reality you should reason…

…it was not created by an old man in the sky…

…or a spaghetti monster…

…or a mythical turtle…

…or Magic Johnson…

…or Freddie Mercury…

…or nothing at all.

So stop calling people gods.

And have a cupcake.

11 thoughts on “A Good Question To Ask If You’re Stupid

  1. TimoSing says:

    When have even done this with Jesus the Messiah as well. We have erred in calling him God when he nor anyone else in Scripture does. Jesus when asked what the greatest commandment was, quoted the Schma…”Hear, O Israel, Adonai Elohim, Adonai is one, and you will love Adonai with all your heart soul and mind.” This was his creed. A man who grew up Jewish would see it as blasphemy to consider himself to be divinity. Jesus was the uniquely born Son of God…born to save the world from the evil systems of this world and will one day rule the earth with God’s authority…and all will be right. So we even need to read the Scriptures and stop calling Jesus God.

    • Matthew Cross says:

      “We are not stoning you for any good work,” they replied, “but for blasphemy, because you, a mere man, claim to be God.” John 10:33

      “Why does this fellow talk like that? He’s blaspheming! Who can forgive sins but God alone?” Mark 2:7

      Two written accounts of Jesus making claims to be God- unafraid of the accusation of being blaspemous.

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