A Good Reason to Outlaw Toys

The late, great, Christopher Hitchens.

Engaging people with his notorious warmth and good humor.

I can agree with Ole’ Hitch about ‘stupidity’ of the question.

If you’re going to face-off against a professional cynic, best bring your A-game.

Hitchens took that stupid question and accomplished something incredible.

He gave an answer that was EVEN MORE STUPID.

Likening beliefs to ‘playing with toys’ is horribly simplistic.

Were the atheists ‘playing with toys’ when they attended Hitchen’s lecture?

Was Hitchens ‘playing with toys’ when he published his books?

For the sake of discussion, let’s pretend the analogy works.

Let’s pretend that religious belief is just like ‘playing with toys’.

How, exactly, could anyone force Hitchens to ‘play with their toys’?

I’m sincerely curious this.

I have tried to force people to play board games against their will.

I’ve tried bribing, begging, ridiculing people.

I’ve even threatened them with eternal hellfire.

Everything failed.

If the atheists have a method of forcing beliefs on other people…

…I would LOVE to hear it.

(At the same time, I wonder why the atheists haven’t used this method to eliminate religious beliefs.)

Christopher Hitchens was a man of great faith.

His faith rested in the dim-wittedness of his followers.

Followers who lacked both the desire and the ability to scrutinize anything Hitchens said.

Followers who would actually post thoughts like this:

Here is a translation with the pretentiousness removed:

Should we make religion illegal?

Behold, the product of enlightened, rational, free-thinking atheism.

On the heels of Hitchen’s demand that he not be forced to ‘play with my toys’…

…it is suggested that I be incarcerated for not playing with secularists toys.

Let’s outlaw religion.

What a fantastic idea!

It worked like a charm for Stalin!

It’s working great in North Korea too!

Generally speaking, suggesting that certain types of thinking should be prohibited…

…that’s wrong.

One thought on “A Good Reason to Outlaw Toys

  1. Ugh, I watched that video and now all I can hear are the death screams of a few hundred of my brain cells.

    I don’t much care for Hitchen’s toys. I’m flattered he’s nice enough to share them so forcefully with me, but he’s welcome to keep them to himself. As God’s kid, I get wayyyyy better toys than Mother Earth gives anyway. They’re usually embodied with cool things like meaning, and purpose.

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