Be Careful Where You Get Your Windpipe

This article should serve as a cautionary tale.

When you’re replacing your breathing tube, shop around a bit.

Don’t just swallow the advice of every supposed expert.

It seems that even medical science is not immune to corruption.

To summarize the article:

Surgeon Paolo Macchiarini was hailed for turning the dream of regenerative medicine into a reality – until he was exposed as a con artist and false prophet.

A celebrated celebrity surgeon turns out to be a fraud?!

How is this possible?

Take a deep breath.

Researchers are human beings with egos and imperfect judgment.

Scientists are not infallible.

Fame and fortune can disrupt the quest for knowledge.

This is certainly true in the church.

(Hello, mega-celebrity-pastor-authors-with-books-more-popular-than-the-Bible)

But the church is not the only repository that maintains misleading ministers.

The hallowed halls of ‘science’ house hocus as well.

Be careful where you place your faith.

A misplaced trust can make you choke.

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