Be Funnier for Nothing

I’m offering some comedy tips for free.

They arrive in your email box.

Nothing to download.

Nothing to click.

I’ll reveal some of the tricks and gimmicks that I use to make people laugh.

Just go here.

It won’t cost anything.

It will make you funnier.

The world needs more funny people.


6 thoughts on “Be Funnier for Nothing

  1. Ben says:

    So I’m in the line at Rural King…buying some feed for the sheep, goats, and chickens… and a mutual 4-H friend is at the head of the line at check-out and waves back to me.

    “How are you and the family doing? Are you going to be showing sheep again this year at the fair?”

    I replied: “I think so. We had a lot of lambs this year, but every time I try to count them, I keep nodding off.”

    BOOM!! The checkout line got a whole lot happier.

    Thank you JB. Lesson #1 already put into motion.


  2. MooseMan says:

    I like the thought of learning to be funny for nothing. Could you also make a moral tips email list, so I can learn to be good for nothing? ^_^

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