The John Branyan Occurrence

When John is involved, something interesting will occur. 

Comedy Occurrence

John’s non-stop, high-energy, laugh-a-minute comedy. Attendees will want to bring some funny stories of their own to share because this show features audience interaction.

Date Night Occurrence

 Your relationship is packed with laughter.  The Date Night Occurrence will prove it! This program is fabulous as a one-man show.  OR John teams up with pastor/comedian Ted Cunningham, for a fun-filled evening that couples rave about for months.

John interviews Ted on the podcast here. 

Music and Mayhem

This is a can’t-miss variety show, featuring musician/entertainer Michael O’Brien.   You provide the stage, and they provide the rest.

See more from Michael here

Fundraising Occurrence

Nothing goes together like fundraising and humor. Ask about having John conduct your auction. Or schedule a standard Comedy Occurrence, and John will gladly deliver the “ask” at the end.

Comedy Class Occurrence

Want the secrets for John’s inspiration? This workshop teaches John's method for writing comedy.    This class can be taught in person or as part of a webinar.

Keynote Presentations

If you’re looking to balance your entertainment with enrichment, John will tailor a talk just for you. John uses side-splitting humor to make important points.  There is no limit to the number of themes he can address. Any occasion can be an “Occurrence.”

For a taste of John’s thoughtful side--check out the blog and the podcast.

Create an Occurrence

Step #1
Fill out the contact form

Step #2
Brainstorm with Amanda about which "Occurrence" is right for you

Step #3
Lock the date and spread the word

Step #4
Graciously accept praise for booking an unforgettable event