Comedy Sojourn – John Crist! And Abused People Who Abuse People

In This Episode: I’m in the Green Room with John Crist. And the Peaches and I discuss victims.

Tabby meets John Crist backstage. John tells us the secret to the Dollar Shave Club’s success. Then pitches a product.  You can see John’s stuff here:

There are a lot of abused people. The number is growing all the time. In fact, it’s getting out of hand!  Peaches and I talk about abusers and victims.

You can see my super-offensive blog posts here:

Check out this episode!

6 thoughts on “Comedy Sojourn – John Crist! And Abused People Who Abuse People

  1. mrsmcmommy says:

    There are some problems with your links! (The embedded one isn’t embedded, and one of the linky ones isn’t linked.)

  2. If you’re a sinner for asking questions no one dares to ask, then I am the biggest sinner there is. I wonder if that’s what Paul meant when he said, “of all sinners I am chief”… I’m often suss of people agreeing with me. I look around to see if I’ve wandered into an echo chamber. Controversy is good. It makes you think. I love the stuff you guys discuss and blog about. You aren’t afraid to point at and address the elephant in the room of social societies, whether that’s the world or Christianity and I think Christianity can be worse, for reasons you’ve stated (a misconstrument of love and compassion for a start). Does it upset people? Yeah. Because it’s not fun being pushed outside of your mental comfort zone. But what’s the point of being a Christian if you’re not willing to grow, or willing to be challenged? I ranted about this on my own blog recently how people use the flesh as a copout of living righteously, as if the Holy Spirit has no influence in our lives. The truth is rarely comfortable. If it was, it wouldn’t change you. That’s my rant.

    I like the point that schools should not have tests for teachers if they don’t choose to. My Bible college is not accredited because the teachers that were recruited for it were employed for their individual gifts in certain areas of doctrine, not for their certification. I’ve heard the CEO say that if they were accredited, they would have to fire half their staff. You end up with a stronger team this way because instead of getting fifty people who crammed to achieve a piece of paper, you have fifty people with different unique strengths that make the whole even stronger. My 2.0 on that.

    Long comment I know, but I always relish these podcasts for their quality subject matter. I rarely ever read or hear stuff that is expressed so bluntly, so I always find it incredibly refreshing and invigorating. Thanks for sharing.

    • mrsmcmommy says:

      Thanks for listening, as always, Jasmine!

      And, just in case I haven’t beaten-to-death the topic of testing just yet, here’s a little more backstory: I actually encouraged the young lady we mentioned to apply for a job with a private school or as an aide in a special education classroom (which was a teaching job I did for three years before having kids). I told her I’ve always considered myself a teacher, even without any sort of degree or licensing, and that she could do the same! It’s all about finding a community that appreciates your strengths and weaknesses…

      Buuuuuut, she dismissed my advice, as I suspected. “I’m just ONE TEST away from being a teacher, and I KNOW it’s what God has called me to do!” (Like, did you hear what I said about how teaching is more than a license? No. Because reading comprehension was one of the things she has always struggled with…) Oy. It’s so frustrating. Because, if she were willing to become part of my community, I would happily let her help teach my children in certain areas. But we would have a frank discussion about pride and how it blinds us to reality…like the reality of being a terrible student who would make an even more terrible full-time, public-school teacher. :/

      • I think that’s a great option, she would’ve been wise to take your advice, but her pride is playing into the trap that you can only be someone if you have the paper to prove it. Personally I believe if you have the skills, the paper should be less important than actually using your skills. Scripture says that a man’s gift will make way for him. Some of the most successful people on earth dropped out of school because they didnt waste time getting a license or a certification to prove what they already knew they could do. I’ve seen experience trump certification, so if she’d taken your course of action, the experience would only have helped her.

        • mrsmcmommy says:

          Definitely… the trouble is, nowadays we have a lot of people who DON’T have the skills…

          So, they get a piece of paper to cover up their incompetence. And then they wave it around proudly (when they finally get lucky enough to pass their tests). And then they use the paper to silence anyone who disagrees with them. “Because I know more than you! See my diploma proves it!”

          But maybe I’m off topic now. lol.

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