Comedy Sojourn – My Kids Prepare For Battle

There’s a storm a comin’, Carl!

Too much for one episode. I had to break the recent conversation into two pieces.

Timothy and Tabby (and Joe) come over to tell me how they feel about my blogging. In essence, they hate it. Since that’s an awkward conversation, we spend this episode making small talk and building up our courage for the confrontation (which will happen next episode…)

This episode contains random bits about:

Driving, employment, rednecks, punctuality, weather, auto repair, trailer hitches, chainsaws, ethnic kids, moms, responsibility, friends, butter cookies, tacos, riches, nerds, hobbies, Runescape, grinding, Pintrist, serving sizes, ring tones, employment (again), hipsters, school, brooms, science, tear gas and cake

…and much more!

This lays a firm foundation for next week’s battle.

Check out this episode!

7 thoughts on “Comedy Sojourn – My Kids Prepare For Battle

  1. So, it’s gotta be one of the biggest bits of nerd cred to unashamedly and with little fanfare play a Pokemon song on the Ocarina. That was a baller move. ^_^

  2. Matthew Cross says:

    I’m not sure where I rank on the nerd scale.
    I would call myself an uninvested, yet natural, nerd.
    I’ve played the nerd games you’ve mentioned- from the video games and computer games, to Magic: The Gathering and some nerdy board games.
    However- I have not bought any of the games myself- I just go to my friends’ house and play them- and win a small majority of the time.
    I just don’t see the point in investing hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars’ worth ( other than not mooching off of others’ games, cards, etc) on games or cards.
    But I will be bold and say that if you do not play the original nerd game- chess- than you cannot call yourself a nerd.

    • Matthew Cross says:

      Ugh- I hate that I’ve been spelling “than” instead of “then” lately. Doesn’t help that the “a” and “e” are like five millimeters away on my phone.

    • John Branyan says:

      That is a bold statement from an uninvested natural nerd.
      I’ll see what Andrew says about this and get back with you.

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