Comedy Sojourn PODCAST Episode 5

An empty YooHoo bottle starts a conversation about the only people who matter in the universe. A list of 7 things that nobody should say to the Peaches. We get interrupted a lot by the kids. We answer the question, “Does crying help?” There’s an ‘Amber Alert’…so don’t panic. And Emmi does something that nobody in our family has ever done before!

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7 Things You Should Not Say To The Peaches

1. “I’m not judging you.”

Yes you are. It’s okay.

2. “Watch me blow a LOT of air into this balloon.”

Ugh. I’ll explain it on the podcast some time.

3. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Too late.

4. “Moist.”


5. “That’s just the way it is.”

Only because people keep being satisfied with “just the way it is.”

6. “Love yourself first.”

Terrible advice; truly terrible.




8 thoughts on “Comedy Sojourn PODCAST Episode 5

  1. The Crimson Quarter Wit says:

    In Indiana – it’s Yoo-Hoo bottles. In Bama – it’s fast food bags full of half eaten burgers.

    Btw – chimps would still eat the gum.


    • CQW:

      Did you get the chance to hear the whole thing? …I’m hoping one of our listeners will tell a story of their own, to make me feel better about yelling at my toilet paper.

      Or maybe the “unreasonable outburst” thing is just a thing among the women in my family…

      • The Crimson Quarter Wit says:

        Sweet Cheeks –

        Yes – I listened to the whole thing while working and drinking coffee earlier today. I related to every bit of it – from the littering masses – to the urinal gummers – to the bee incident. While do not understand the littering masses and the urinal gummers – I do understand the plight of the bee.

        Anyway – just this morning – I was wondering why there were a half dozen Rice Krispies treat wrappers under the pillow of one of my sea centaur (props to Matthew Cross) offspring. My unreasonable outburst will occur later this afternoon when I see said sea centaur again.

        JB –

        It is true that we sometimes finish the partially eaten burgers in Bama (unless the five hour ordinance has been violated) – but we prefer to just have another cow slaughtered and cook it up on one of our pull behind rotisserie charcoal grill trailers. That keeps both the cattle industry and the grill trailer industry in business – resulting in more tax revenue, help for poor people, etc.


        • John Branyan says:

          You are an inspiration. When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, sell it and use the money to help the poor!

          On the other topic:
          Is it possible that the Rice Krispie treat wrappers are the result of a random littering incident?

      • The Crimson Quarter Wit says:

        I suspected chimps at first – but there was no evidence of turd tossing.

        After some interrogation – the subject sea centaur confessed.


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