Don’t Be Afraid to Be A Doormat

You see things like this all over the place.


What’s your problem with doormats?

The doormat is the most selfless object in the household.

It takes the filth from footwear for the good of the wall-to-wall carpeting.

Without that doormat, the carpeting would be a wreck.

If you don’t expect dirty shoes to ever walk across your floor…

…you’re an idiot.

If you don’t expect dirt, anger, resentment, and selfishness to walk across your relationship…

…you’re an idiot.

There will be unexpected ugliness.

We wallow in thoughtlessness all the time.

It gets all over our shoes.

Then we stomp around on the people we love.

Covering the relationship with stains.

Somebody needs to remove the grime before it’s smeared on everything.

And if you refuse to be treated disrespectfully, guess what?

You make the other person be the doormat.

What, did you think you have good relationships because you’re awesome?!!


Relationships need a doormat.

Great relationships…

…have TWO doormats.

Competing to take the brunt of abuse on themselves.

“Don’t be a doormat” is good advice for being lonely and unloved.

Fulfillment and intimacy start with vulnerability.

Doormats do that well.

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