Don’t Fall In Love


We don’t understand love.

You talk about falling in love as if it actually happens.

As if love is ditch or pit that is unwittingly plummeted into.

How romantic.

Long-term relationships brought about by clumsiness.

Love is for the klutzy.

Intimacy is for the inept.

Any nitwit can fall.

All you need is gravity.

(Love can’t happen in outer space.)

On Earth, where this is being written, falling is easy.


And usually, unintentional.

Nobody says, “I hope I fall downstairs.”

Nobody speaks wistfully of falling out of bed.

But fall in love…everyone congratulates you.

You’ll even take credit for the event.

“He fell for me.”

Hopefully, a little of the fall was on purpose.

You don’t want anyone loving you against their will.

You don’t want an Anniversary card that reads:

“To the one, I could not avoid.”

Love takes work.

Love is a choice.

It’s not a force of nature.

You don’t fall in love.

You jump into love.

On purpose.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Fall In Love

  1. Peg Leg Legs Parker says:

    Well put, John, well put. I would enjoy if you debunked more of these common sayings in the future. 🙂

  2. McQ says:

    How about a petition to have these wise words added to all marriage vows? 🤔

    I will work to love.
    I will choose to love.

    So much more convictingly simple than the money and health parts that seem so far off and unlikely or that honor and cherish stuff that no one even knows what those words mean anymore.

    Good post!

  3. Dave says:


    The idea that people fall in love makes it easier, in their minds, to fall out of love and end a marriage, or never get married at all and just shack up.

    When I was helping my younger brother look for wedding vows some years ago, I saw many that replaced the traditional “till death do us part” work “as long as our love shall last”.

    Sadly, that is becoming increasingly the norm in society. If it is based on feelings for love to be there, I hope none of them become parents. They will end up “divorcing” their kids, as well.


  4. Tristen Eason says:

    I was told years ago that there are two types of affection that we show for people. LIKE & LOVE.
    Liking someone meant that you appreciated them, and their character. (I like the way Chad acts around me.) (I like the way Cindy is dressed)
    Loving someone meant that you would put their life and survival before you own. (I won’t sleep with you before we are married, even though I want to, because it could ruin your life.)
    These days, we tend to think of both of these words as the definition of LIKE.

  5. sklyjd says:

    Attraction comes before love, if you do not have this you will likely never forge a love relationship with this person. Of course, there is love at first sight, and when you are a teenager this happens on a regular basis😊from what I remember anyway.

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