Has This Scam Taken You For A Ride?

Richard Wolff is Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

He also contributes to the destruction of American intellectualism.

The video is a passionate sermon in which he exposes one of the oldest ‘scams’ in history…

…making money.

He offers an (undocumented) history of the taxicab industry as proof of the villainy.

Listening to Wolff, you might conclude that taxis killed more Americans than Syphilis.

(He doesn’t SAY that but he doesn’t DENY it either!!)

Clearly, the public needs to be protected from the scourge of public transportation!

And nobody does a better job of protecting people than…

…a government committee!

A wise council of infallible humans motivated by a selfless obsession with other’s well being.

Committees care nothing for making money.

Wolff explains that the committee knows how to ensure taxi riders are safe…

…mandatory increases in taxi fares.

Thank God!

In Wolff’s words:

“Now the price of a taxi ride is fairly high but at least you know…you’re safe.”

Embraced by the arms of government overreach, enjoy your ride!

Your cab driver will be sober because…the committee demands it.

The cab will be properly maintained because…the committee demands it.

You’re going to pay more for the ride because…the committee demands it.

Wolff’s big, shocking revelation is that Uber operates outside the jurisdiction of the taxi cab commission.

This is what the Professor of Economics calls ‘a scam’.

His outrage is that “…any crooked, capitalist hustler sees an opportunity…”

Opportunity pisses him off.

And he gets payed to say so!

By the time the video ended, I agreed about the scam.

The scam is Richard Wolff teaching a class.

Shouldn’t there be a committee looking over his lecture notes?

Given the choice between riding in an unsafe taxi…

…or sitting through a semester of Wolff’s teaching…

…I’ll pick the death cab every time.

Because I might walk away from a car crash.

Nobody survives Wolff’s ideologies.

3 thoughts on “Has This Scam Taken You For A Ride?

  1. chris martino says:

    You can see the vitriol toward our financial system. He drums into the heads of his students how evil, Capitalism is. He wields it like a four letter word. There is this common denominator through out all those how speak out against Capitalism. The arrogance is astounding.

  2. Jeff Lane says:

    Unfortunately the video was unavailable for me so I missed out on that but as a Whovian I do disagree with using a picture of Timelords of Gallifrey and that representing a government committee what did the Timelords ever do to you. So while Confederate statues don’t offend me this does.
    ” The scam is Richard Wolff teaching a class” this I do agree with.

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