How Humility Complicates Everything


I’m sorry.

This is probably none of my business.

I’m not trying to start an argument.

Nothing personal.

And I could be wrong.

I’m wrong a lot!

I make mistakes all the time!

Who am I to think I know anything about you?

I’m not presuming anything.

I don’t have my own life together.

In fact, I’m in counseling three times a week.

I’ve got several prescriptions for anxiety.

I failed geometry in high school.

I’m not perfect.

Not even close!

I’m not better than you.

And I know I haven’t lived your life.

I don’t know your journey.

Don’t know your struggles.

So I would never judge you!

I would never condemn you!

You are a beautiful human being.

You are strong.

I acknowledge your intrinsic worth.

I’m being too aggressive.

This is all on me.

I’m completely out of line here.

This is TOTALLY my fault.

Please forgive me…

…your shoe is untied.

6 thoughts on “How Humility Complicates Everything

  1. Dave says:


    People should be proud of their humility.

    Brag about it on occasion.

    Correct others when they don’t see how humble they are.

    Of course, then they would sound like a politician. Or a televangelist…


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