How To End Evil


It’s time to put a stop to it!

Finally, we have the technology to end it once and for all.

The solution didn’t come from religion.

Despite what you’ve read on billboards, the answer isn’t “Jesus”.

The secret to ending evil came from secular, non-religious rationalists.

Ready for the secret?

(You should probably sit down.)


That’s right!

We can put a stop to evil by refusing to believe it exists!

Do you feel liberated?

I haven’t been able to completely deny the existence of evil yet.

Probably because I’m so heavily indoctrinated with my “faith”.

Superstitious people in my life damaged me with lessons about right and wrong.

I grew up oppressed by the idea that my actions have consequences.

I was told that sometimes, I’m “bad”.

That’s all religious nonsense, of course.

But I have spoken with someone who is completely unencumbered by religion.

I asked if evil exists and was told:

Men do things we deem evil. But evil itself does not exist as a seperate entity.

It’s so simple!

Stop deeming things evil.

When we quit believing in evil, it will disappear!

Evil is a manmade construct.

An imaginary concept perpetuated by religion.

We need to grow-up!

There is no such thing as bad.

But we will need a way to refer to all that stuff we used to call “evil”.

We’ll need a rational, inclusive, non-religious term for referring to activities like:

  • walking into a church and opening fire on innocent people
  • kidnapping children to sell as sex slaves
  • strapping bombs on children
  • plowing your car into a crowd of peaceful demonstrators
  • throwing homosexuals off buildings
  • beating elderly women and stealing their medication

What should we call those activities?

Maybe, “hijinks”?

Let’s ask the non-religious!

They’re the ones who solved the problem of evil.

They should tell us how to refer to our new, enlightened concept.

I think that’s a “good” idea.

** UPDATE **

The being responsible for the quote about evil is offended that I didn’t give him/her/ze proper credit. I will correct this grievous mistake immediately.  The entity is known as “Ron”. I know nothing about this entity other than there is usually a teddy bear next to his/her/zir comments.  Here is a link to the original comments for anyone interested in reading rest of his/her/zir verbiage.

23 thoughts on “How To End Evil

  1. Dylan Black says:

    While “hijinks” and “shenanigans” are acceptable jargon, I believe the appropriate vernacular is “Things I don’t like”.

    Also, “homosexual” is archaic. We throw gays off buildings now. ^_^

  2. Very enlightening JB! However, I think “Hijinks” is too emotionally charged a word. It still implies some level of microagressive disapproval. I think we should use the term “Action choices” or perhaps “Activity choices.”
    Also, your descriptors of various Activity Choices that were condemned by religious intolerance need better names as well:
    For instance, “walking into a church and opening fire on innocent people” can be “Unsolicited baptism of bullets enacted upon religious bigots”, or simply “socialized euthanasia,”
    “kidnapping children to sell as sex slaves” can be “Undocumented acquisition of post-fetal sex trade workers”
    “strapping bombs on children” can just be “Abortion”
    “plowing your car into a crowd of peaceful demonstrators” can be “Automotive Jihad,” or “redefining of organic pain collectors as traffic thoroughfares” which you must admit would have the positive result of reducing the Carbon Footprint since one driver emits green house gasses to eliminate many other potential polluting drivers.
    “throwing homosexuals off buildings” can be “Islamic sponsored Free flying lessons for underprivileged homosexuals” and
    “beating elderly women and stealing their medication” can just be “Any given weekday in New York City.”

    Let the age of enlightenment begin.

    Incidentally, what is the environmentally friendly alternative to burning our Bibles? Mulch them to fertilize our hemp gardens?

  3. Ron says:

    Someone said? I’m somewhat disappointed, Mr. Branyon. Is it too much to ask you grant me the courtesy of receiving proper credit?

    And given your utter certainty that “evil” exists apart from the conscious minds of men, would you please introduce us to this entity?

    • mrsmcmommy says:

      Consistent Atheists reject that the thing you call a “conscious mind” exists…

      Since you seem to think the conscious mind exists, could you introduce me to it?

    • John Branyan says:

      Apologies! It didn’t occur to me that you would want to be credited as the source of the sentiment I mocked. I’ll include a link so everyone can view your maniacal rants in their full glory.

      Evil is not an “entity”. Since that means evil doesn’t exist, would you please introduce us to the language we should use to describe what we used to call evil?

      How should we change this statement: “Chopping up innocent children with a hatchet is evil.”

          • BbBennett says:

            Chopping up innocent children with a hatchet causes pernicious anemia. (Dang…. I know… one word.)

            Chopping up innocent children with a hatchet is … complicated.

            Chopping up innocent children with a hatchet is saddening.

            Chopping up innocent children with a hatchet is unprofessional.

            Chopping up innocent children with a hatchet is Hitlerish.

            Chopping up innocent children with a hatchet is unrecommended.

            Chopping up innocent children with a hatchet is peculiar.

            This is hard! Geeze! If evil doesn’t exist… then why the heck do we even have a word for it?

          • Unprofessional sounds great but we have a problem: in order to have an objective opinion of what is unprofessional, we have to know what objective professionalism yes.

          • mrsmcmommy says:

            I’m okay with simply holding a subjective opinion that chopping up children is unprofessional. haha.
            We’ll only have a problem if some bigoted, wing-nut Atheist tries to put us in jail (or even simply “rehabilitate” us) for acting unprofessionally.

          • John Branyan says:

            I’m going to start spelling Ron, “Nor”. The order of the letters in his name isn’t objectively correct.

      • Ron says:

        First you’d have to demonstrate that said statement (“Chopping up innocent children with a hatchet is evil.”) is “objectively” true, because according to the OT, the God you claim to worship had no problems commanding the Israelites to carry out similar acts.

        • John Branyan says:

          Ha! I’m disappointed. I thought you were different from the other atheists. Turns out, you’re not…

          If you can’t bring yourself to admit that chopping up innocent children with a hatchet is evil, I’ve lost interest in anything else you have to say.

          • Dylan Black says:

            I find it frustrating that there is no definitive statement one way or the other. It might be one thing to even say “chopping up little children with a hatchet is not evil” but it seems the conversation gets diverted almost every time a similar question is asked in this part of the internet.

          • Ron says:

            Hey, you pointed to God as the source of our moral values. So don’t blame me for your disapointment when confronted with the fact that your God commands the very things most people in the world (myself included) would consider morally repugnant. Blame your faulty theology.

            I’ll declare “Game, set and match!” for the ungodly Teddy Bear. Better luck next time.

            BTW, thanks for the posting the citation. And for your reference, my preferred pronouns are “My Cudldiness”, “His Ungodliness” . . . or just plain Ron. Thanks.

          • John Branyan says:

            You can’t declare game over when your last shot went into the net.

            The point is, if objective evil doesn’t exist, then God can’t be evil. I’m happy to award you that point if you want it, but it’s going come back to haunt you later.

        • John Branyan says:

          …and BTW…
          You sort of conceded the objective truth that chopping kids is evil when you accused God of commanding similar acts.
          Atheism is futile.
          Get a better philosophy.

          • mrsmcmommy says:

            Sort of conceded? That’s EXACTLY what he did. lol! Total game over!

            Evil doesn’t exist.
            But God is evil. hahaha!

            He doesn’t have a problem with the philosophical concept of Objective Morality. He just doesn’t like the Standard we’ve been given. (Too bad, so sad.)

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