I’ll Name The Next One “Hatred”

I held a grudge the other day.

You know how they are when they’re little.

They look so innocent.

Kinda sweet actually.

After I picked it up, I didn’t want to put it down!

It felt right to hold it.

I got the fever.

I wanted to keep it.

That’s crazy, right?

I’m too old for this stuff.

I don’t have the energy anymore.

It takes up all your time.

It keeps you awake.

Costs you friends, for sure.

“Hey! You guys want to come over to play cards?”

…um…is your grudge gonna be there?

You know it is!

Nurturing a grudge requires new priorities.

It can’t thrive by itself.

I’ll need to commit.

I’ll need to sacrifice.

I’ll need to give up some activities…

…like joy and happiness.

Turn all my attention to the grudge.

So it can grow into full-blown bitterness.

It’s an awesome responsibility.

I’m just not willing to do it.

This is not a good time to bring another grudge into my life.

Maybe I’ll look into fostering somebody else’s.

That will be much easier for me.

I can enjoy the bitter outrage without sacrificing my soul.

I’ll find somebody willing to share their grudge.

Facebook is full of those people.

One thought on “I’ll Name The Next One “Hatred”

  1. LOL! Yep. Good one.

    I sometimes like to say, “oh what delicious offense, how sweet the feelings of self pity.” I sometimes imagine God talking to me like I talk to my dog, “Put that dead thing down and go chase the ball!”

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