It’s Not Smart to Deny Intelligence

How far are you willing to go to defend your faith?

What will you sacrifice for your religion?

Sometimes, the faith of non-believers puts Christians to shame.

The proponents of godlessness will do ANYTHING for their dogma.

For example:

If only Christians were half as devout as this guy!

He’s willing to deny the existence of intelligence!

That is an astonishing level of faith.

“Things only appear intelligent to us in any given evolutionary spacetime context.”

Intelligence is an illusion.

It doesn’t actually exist!

Consider the amount of blind faith it requires to make that statement.

Faith that the statement itself is true despite being formed without intelligence.

Faith that our senses are untrustworthy.

Faith about the reality of “any given spacetime context” throughout eternity.

Faith that all people have identical life experiences.

What a radical religion!

Tomorrow’s washing machine will be more advanced than today’s so…

…that means today’s machine isn’t designed by intelligence.

That’s sort of like saying that because we have digital photographs…

…cave paintings weren’t intelligently designed.

For the devout deterministic disciple, intelligence is actually A PROBLEM.

There isn’t any evolutionary reason for people to be so smart.

Evolution is “survival of the fittest”.

We don’t need mathematics, science, language, or philosophy to just “survive”.

Here’s the really awkward truth:

Survival doesn’t require religion either.

So how do you explain the evolution of religious thought throughout all humanity?

Well, if you’re an Atheist…

…you don’t.

Atheists don’t explain.

They just criticize.

They vomit superstition.

Thank God I don’t have to ignore common sense.

I can use rational thought instead of blind faith.

Rational thinkers admit there is evidence for intelligence.

Rational thinkers admit humans are much smarter than all other lifeforms.

Rational thinkers admit this is a big problem for anyone who doesn’t want to believe in God.

9 thoughts on “It’s Not Smart to Deny Intelligence

  1. Jeff Lane says:

    I guess my question to the gentleman would be what does he consider to be not intelligently created. If your used to beating your clothes on a rock the washboard would be a step up but I would think (if that is allowed in the “evolutionary spacetime context” ) that in order to post that you would have to not believe in intelligence. A room full of monkeys with typewriters would have eventually made that post.

    • John Branyan says:

      I’m doubtful the gentleman will show up to clarify so I will respond.
      You are correct.
      He is equating advanced technologies with evolving intelligence. He is simply wrong about this.
      Men were intelligent beings eons before we built iPhones.

  2. gary says:

    My “prayer” for all of you is that you will see the light…the light of science and reason…allowing you to escape the darkness of ancient superstitions and cults.

    • John Branyan says:

      Success, Gary! I’m basking in the light of science and reason!
      God answered your prayer.
      You should share your testimony on your blog.

  3. Jeff Lane says:

    When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” I prefer this light.

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