Night Night, Grateful Atheists and Offended by Bad Schools

THIS EPISODE – Gratitude NOT Thanksgiving
Emmi tells Pkarlgh “night-night”. Cami has a loose tooth which she won’t let me pull. We try to give a Carlina update but forget. The Peaches won’t let me talk about Thanksgiving anymore because it’s over. I got into some trouble telling an atheist how gratitude works. Lucky for me she doesn’t know where I live. Thing is, we can’t pile up a million meaningless people and suddenly get meaning from them. A large church pastor (hypothetically) comments on single parenting and it bugs me (hypothetically). I refuse to apologize for the way other people feel. I pretend to be butt-hurt for being overlooked. We talk about getting in trouble for saying true things to Christians. It’s difficult to buy congratulation cards for brain tumors.

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14 thoughts on “Night Night, Grateful Atheists and Offended by Bad Schools

  1. Nate says:

    I can’t stand when people are nice just to be nice. My mother in law is that way. Y’all ever heard of, I think they’re called spring peas? They’re still in the shell and I guess you’re just supposed to eat them whole well probably 10-13 years ago they served them for dinner and I had never even heard of them. I cut them all open, made a pile of peas, and ate them. I half felt I was missing something, some vibe. Few years ago I learn you’re supposed to eat them whole. She tried to be nice by not saying anything, but now I’m way angrier and embarrassed over it.

  2. Jeff Lane says:

    I would be interested in a book about pro-skepticism in the Bible maybe. Also in deference to the pastor of a large church the only time my wife and get recognized for being married 30+ years is that dance at weddings where married couple are systematically dismissed from the dance by the number of years they have been married. On the topic of single parents I would whole-heartedly agreed that it is not a good situation. My mother I am sure tried her best but it made it difficult for me to be a parent with no real idea of what a father is supposed to do fortunately I learned when to spank from James Dobson. There many repercussions from a failed marriage that last into next generation. I would hope the pastor of a large church would devote as much time to marriage enrichment as he would to single parents.

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