Nobody Hates Hollywood More Than Hollywood

Harvey Weinstein is toast.

But fear not, starry-eyed actors!

There are plenty of other power moguls in Tinsel Town.

If you’re willing to ‘do what it takes’, you can still get your shot.

It will take surrendering your dignity.

It will take your soul.

If this revelation shocks you, you’re a dolt.

I figured it out from a cornfield in the Midwest.

I’ve never been to a casting call.

I’ve never met with a Los Angeles executive.

I’ve never been on a conference call with an agent.

But I have watched television.

I’ve seen movies.

I can assess a tree by looking at its fruit.

Hollywood isn’t built on kindness and goodwill.

Hollywood is a soulless machine, fueled by a mixture of greed and selfishness.

Nobody loves you in Hollywood.

They use you.

And you’ll use them too.

You’ll use their power and influence to build your career.


Of course, that’s right.

Weinstein’s misconduct was excused because he was profitable.

People used his influence to enrich themselves.

And Weinstein, in turn, used those people himself.

It isn’t personal.

You’re in show business, for crying out loud!

Nothing is real in show business.

The props are fake.

The scenery is fake.

The emotions are fake.

Why would you expect to find real decency?

Why do you think real ethics would exist in a world of make-believe?

Weinstein is gone not because Hollywood has a conscience…

…but because Harvey’s not useful anymore.

You’re free to get in on that action.

Go make yourself useful in Hollywood.

Just don’t expect sympathy when you’re abused.

3 thoughts on “Nobody Hates Hollywood More Than Hollywood

  1. Ben Bennett says:

    Submitted by a friend of mine:


    WHEREAS: The NYT, one of its reporters, and the entire Journo / Politico / Entertainment establishment knew about Weinstein’s predatory behavior for over a decade;

    WHEREAS Prominent liberal actors such as Matt Damon intervened and lobbied the reporter to drop the story;

    WHEREAS The entire left-wing establishment lay down for this Weinstein pig’s money the way a whore lays down for a trick…

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, by the authority vested in me by Facebook social media, the laws of consistency and decency, do hereby proclaim that NO CONSERVATIVE [or Christian] need ever take seriously EVER AGAIN, ANY criticism from any Democrat, liberal, progressive, or fake moderate, and issue regarding gender equality or treatment of women – ever.


  2. True and sad…. it may be that this is a parade of people that abuse their power and then point fingers…. the one with the most fingers pointing at them loses….. so sorry for you .

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