On The Bus Again with Tim Hawkins’ Crew

Hey Pkarlgh, I barely made it this week!  Just got this podcast done a few seconds ago.

Lulu Lemon update from Josh. Freight makes an appearance in a hat. Tim and I can’t figure out why shirts have so many pins. Donald Trump…what else do I need to say. Poop is handy for monitoring your health. Moringa is good for you too. Barry Manilow hits, the Star Spangled Banner, gun control, and so much more!

Check out this episode!

2 thoughts on “On The Bus Again with Tim Hawkins’ Crew

  1. Nate says:

    For someone who claimed to be ashamed of their lululemon knowledge, it was remarkably easy to get him defensive about it and discuss it in detail in front of millions of Pkarlgh. Seemed to perk you up, also lol

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