Open Letter to Pastors: Love Like Harley Davidson

Attention Pastors:

This demands your immediate attention!

If you want to join a group of Harley Davidson riders…

…you MUST ride a Harley Davidson.


Discriminating based on vehicle ownership is wrong!

It’s unfair!

It’s unkind!

It’s un-Christian!

I’m calling on you, Pastor, to unite us.

Preach acceptance!

Model inclusiveness!

Create an environment where EVERYBODY belongs to the Harley Davidson family.

That’s what Harley would do.

Open your arms to the world, Pastor.

To people who don’t own motorcycles.

To people who don’t like motorcycles.

To people without a driver’s license.


Are you getting the message, Pastor?

Do you understand?

Are you up to the task?



Because a motorcycle rider’s group cannot include people who don’t ride motorcycles.

A group of Boy Scouts cannot contain people who are not boys.

A group of bachelors cannot contain married men.

A group of three-toed sloths cannot contain anything other than three-toed sloths.

Groups are exclusive by nature.

This is not a matter of opinion.

This is not hateful.

This is not bigotry.

What’s true for Harley Davidson is also true for the Church.

When you tell people there are no strings attached to becoming a disciple…

…you’re lying to them.

That’s the opposite of love.


Whoever comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and even life itself, cannot be my disciple. – Jesus Christ in the Book of Luke

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