Peaches Gets Blocked on Facebook AGAIN

THIS EPISODE – Peaches Gets Blocked By Her Former Youth Minister on Facebook!
It took me awhile to decide what to do with this podcast.  I wasn’t going to use it. I’m still not sure I should use it…
Bottom line: I’m doing exactly what I would want to be done to me.  When I say ANYTHING on the internet I’m accountable for it. I am open to criticism. I expect to be held accountable.
Uncle David joins us on the podcast because, why not?  He was already in the room.  Mandy tells us how she managed to get herself shunned on social media…AGAIN.  At this rate, Pkarlgh, it’s just gonna be you and Mandy on the podcast.  (I’m thinking about blocking her myself.)
We’ll explain the situation that leads up to the shunning.  It goes back a few weeks to the “Nashville Statement“.  We talked about it on a previous episode. Some people think it hinders conversation.  We disagree.
(Cami, Collin, and Emmi are kind of noisy in this episode…but we’ve learned to tune that out by now, haven’t we?)
When you’re enjoying an argument, it’s a problem.  It’s also a problem when you won’t speak the truth because you’re afraid of argument. Christians need to talk to each other. Misunderstandings happen. Mistakes happen. We gotta talk about stuff!
Senior pastors are not perfect. Sometimes they say wrong things. It isn’t the end of the world when the pastor makes a mistake.  But it’s NOT GOOD when we can’t discuss that mistake.  It’s possible the mistake isn’t actually a mistake…we won’t know if we don’t talk.
The problematic quote was:
“It’s not every church that – in the weeks following the pastor announcing he’s heading towards divorce – sees an increase in attendance, giving, hundreds sign up for life groups and service opportunities, and 13 people baptized into Jesus. I love when the evil one is made a fool by God’s goodness!”
You can see Peaches blog here.
You can see Ryan’s blog here.
After reaching out to discuss the topic, we were gonna let it drop. No problem. You don’t want to talk about it, we won’t talk about it.
Peaches uses the word “interesting” in this version of her story…but I recall a different word.  Maybe I’m wrong…
Do you think the Holy Spirit sometimes tells us not to talk to each other?  Maybe.
Do you think we should write blogs about each other when the Holy Spirit tells us not to talk to each other? Well…
NOTICE: Anybody who is worried about “destroying” the Peaches with angry words…quit worrying. She’s bulletproof.  Any criticism is welcome and encouraged.
We had to record a new podcast because the story is unfolding.  We’ve wrestled with the proper response to use. (By ‘we’, I mean ‘me’.  Not Peaches.)
I sent a letter to Ryan.  I do not have anything personal against him. In fact, I think he is sincerely doing what he thinks is right. Let’s be clear. This isn’t personal.  It’s about a disagreement on protocol.
It’s unlikely that my tiny podcast is going to damage the ministry of a mega-pastor. The goal is not to cause harm.  We sincerely believe that criticism, done properly, is edification.  Proper criticism makes us better.
My brother makes an amazing comment about how his divorce affected the way he uses an ATM machine.
I make a lawnmower analogy.  It seems impressive to me. I’m not sure the other two appreciated how brilliant it was.
Peaches tells about her toilet paper breakdown.
What we’re trying to say is, it’s okay to need some downtime before diving into a dialogue.  Take a breath. Dry your tears. Get a grip.  It’s okay!
…but…eventually…you need to own your mistakes and misunderstandings.
David makes a septic tank analogy. I think my lawnmower analogy was better…
Perhaps we can learn from people who are masters at dealing with ‘bullys’.  When you refuse to be bullied, you free yourself from a lot of stress.
It’s “interesting” how uncomfortable we get when someone hits us with the truth.  I’m guilty myself. I prefer denial too frequently.
Mandy tells one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard about shutting down bullies.

Check out this episode!

10 thoughts on “Peaches Gets Blocked on Facebook AGAIN

  1. Nate says:


    If someone is right, but they have no credit with me, I probably won’t listen to them because I don’t trust them. You don’t have any credit with him. It may be a form of “powdered butt syndrome” since he was your youth leader. Pastors get a lot of flack. His actions make sense to me.

    What kind of pizza????

  2. Nate says:


    The guy sounds like a nut job. My problem is, you say you don’t know anything about the divorce, then you say it has nothing to do with the church stuff. It sounds like a reasonable assumption, but it’s still an assumption.

  3. Nate says:

    My mom had my little sister at the grocery store. Walked by a midget couple, my little sister goes, “Look, mom! Little ones!” My mom apologized but they just laughed.

    How do we have pressure to be skinny AND a fat epidemic? Idk

    So bored. Hope they get home soon lol

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