Religion Is NOT Incompatible With Science

Frequently, I cite articles written by humanists/atheists/heathens/pagans/fundamentalists.

I got up on the wrong side of the couch today and lack the resolve to slog through that godless drivel.

Today, I treated myself to an article written by someone who isn’t an idiot.

Over at Shadow to Light, I found an article on the subject of science and religion.

If you want to be thoughtful and reasonable, go read the article.

If you just want to be a dimwit troll, skip down to the comment section and offer your opinion now.

To my fellow Christians who are intimidated by science:

Quit that!


Educate yourself!

Notice I didn’t say, “Pray!”

Asking God to “reveal the truth” to your godless friends is a cop-out.

You should ask God to reveal the truth to YOU.

Because if you’re worried that Science has diminished God in any way…

…you don’t know God.

When you’re fearful that science will collapse your faith…

…you have no faith.

Your godless friends are right to ignore you.

It is reasonable to reject a god that can’t withstand the rigors of philosophical thought.

It is reasonable to reject a god refuted by science.

The heathen chant, “Religion is incompatible with science.”

It is silly to respond with a Bible verse.

Because both religion and science are incompatible with stupidity.

79 thoughts on “Religion Is NOT Incompatible With Science

  1. Susanne says:

    Sadly, it isn’t the science but the way people use it. When my nephew first entered college he would post all these science posts and comment about how cool God created things. Slowly that diminished, and now the professional student still working on his PhD for like the 6th year (I’ve lost count), now claims to be an atheist and supposedly has been all his life. Some times, particularly to his Christian parents, he walks that back a bit and says he’s agnostic. He now hates all religion and claims science as his god (even when science can’t explain everything).

    Then there is a friend of mine who teaches science in a public school. He anxiously awaits every year for a student to bring up intelligent design, because then he can open up the discussion. He’s says there are years that the discussion can go on for days. He doesn’t want to stop it. He wants them to figure out that science and religion don’t have to be enemies. That science and the Bible are compatible. That you don’t have to choose one or the other. That there are a lot of great scientist that are Christians. He wants you to use science to enhance your beliefs not diminish them.

    So in one case you have a student that ran into professors that convinced him he was a fool to be a Christian and that he couldn’t have both science and God. In the other case, you have a teacher that believes that God and science can go hand and hand and won’t force his students to choose. Sadly, I think he is in the minority and that group is getting smaller. It’s also getting harder as he (and other teachers) are having to wait for a student to start the discussion so the teacher isn’t accused of bringing religion into the public class room. We need to be careful to monitor what are kids are being taught. We homeschool except for a few classes (like band. It’s really hard to homeschool band.) But there are a few public school teachers that I would entrust my kids education to. My friend is one of them.

    • John Branyan says:

      Education must encourage skepticism. We need to be able to ask questions and express doubts. When someone claims science and religion are incompatible, it is a legitimate question to ask, “How?”

      Christian kids should expect to encounter teachers and professors who do not share their faith. It is our job as parents to prepare our kids for those encounters.

      • Susanne says:

        True. We should be preparing our kids. Too often we fall back on: “Because the Bible tells us so,” and give them nothing to help them express the hows and whys when pushed. I truly believe that’s why my nephew fell away. The Bible was presented as a bunch of stories instead of history and events and truth. He was never taught to invest in his Bible studies the way he was taught to invest in his worldly studies. After all, the worldly studies are what make us “successful” in the world, right? Yet all throughout the Bible we are told not to put worldly education above Biblical education. Still we send our kids off to school for 7 hour a day 5 days a week and countless hours of homework, and expect maybe an hour or two on Sunday morning, perhaps a Sunday evening or Wednesday evening youth group will somehow balance the scale. We are suppose to bind the truth to our hearts. Know it so well it is a part of us. Then we can question others others claims because we know truth so well.

  2. “..both religion and science are incompatible with stupidity.”
    Amen, brother John. Amen.

    (If you put this on a T-shirt, everyone I know will be getting one for Christmas.)

  3. LOL! I totally agree, but I have much bigger fish to fry! My scientists act like religionists demanding I put my faith in their doctrine, and my religionists are forever demanding peer reviewed empirical evidence!

    Ai yi yi.

    I’ll take that teeshirt though, “..both religion and science are incompatible with stupidity.” Yep!

  4. Arkenaten says:

    Siegel wrote:

    the vast majority of scientists share the same levels and types of religiosity as the other members of their country’s culture.

    Which strongly suggests that much of religious belief his its roots in culture, rather than any overriding, demonstrable evidence to support its myriad of claims.

    Siegel seems to be quite earnest in wanting to bridge gaps and prejudice across all areas of religious belief/non belief.
    Nothing wrong with this at all. Kudos to him.

    1. As you are a devout Christian, do you feel you are duty bound, if not to actively evangelize/proselytize, to at least discuss Christianity with those of opposing faiths, say Hindu or Muslim for example, and how would you react if they acted in a similar manner toward you and or your kids and family and friends?

    2. As Siegel demonstrates, many scientists hold some sort of religious conviction, if only belief in a ”higher power”.
    While scientists from vastly different cultural backgrounds can work in the same lab quite happily ( I use the term loosely) from a professional perspective regarding, say, mapping the human genome, how do you think such different religious beliefs influence the work?

    In fact, do you believe that such different religious perspectives has any meaningful influence in such work at all?

    • John Branyan says:

      Any religious perspective is more rational than atheism.
      Scientists who are atheists are not deep thinkers. They may be good scientists despite their simple minded philosophy.

      • Arkenaten says:

        I adore it when you write shit like this. Seriously, this is a perfect demonstration of why you and your kid are frakking imbeciles.

          • Arkenaten says:

            blockquote>In what ways does science influence religion?

            Slowly but surely by making it irrelevant.
            But you know this already …

          • Arkenaten says:

            Of course it has, JB. It ensured credulous fools like you didn’t sail off the end of the earth.
            It also ensured you were given the freedom to worship the deity of your choice and remain ignorant and delusional

            Science has proved evolution and made Genesis irrelevant.
            Science showed us we were not the centre of the universe.

            And science has demonstrated we all came from apes and a common ancestor and it continues to make a monkey out of you, John.


            Stay crazy? On that note … have you been checked for any possible hereditary mental health issues that you may suffer from?

          • John Branyan says:

            Evolution does not make Genesis irrelevant.

            The rest of your comments are irrelevant.

            I am in perfect mental health.
            You take medication.

          • mrsmcmommy says:

            If one of us suggested humans are “descended from apes” we would be swiftly corrected.

            Awkward that I seem to know evolutionary theory better than Ark.

          • John Branyan says:

            Testable, repeatable, falsifiable, observable…

            And it can’t be from a biologist or zoologist. Those people are biased.

          • Arkenaten says:

            If one of us suggested humans are “descended from apes” we would be swiftly corrected.
            Awkward that I seem to know evolutionary theory better than Ark.

            Of course you omitted the common ancestor part of the comment, naturally. But that little bit of disingenuous is par for the course. No probs, right?
            But yes, I should have phrased the comment more accurately than I did.
            Well caught.
            But the line about making a monkey out of your old man was worth the blunder …
            Oh, and talking of your old man.
            I thought I should let you know that as you have been generous enough to allow me to comment on your splendiferous (JB’s ) blog I felt it only fair that I reciprocate.
            Therefore, the ban on your daddy from commenting on my blog has has been rescinded with immediate effect.
            However, as I am one who believes in fair play, for his comments to remain all he has to do is explain what was the evidence that convinced him to become a Christian.
            He can do this here or on my blog as and when he decides to pop over.

            How’s that?

          • John Branyan says:


            I didn’t even know I was banned from comment on your blog! That should help you understand your position on my list of priorities.

          • mrsmcmommy says:

            You have gotten yourself banned from the blogs of a whooooole lot of openminded Atheists this year!

          • John Branyan says:

            The rationalists banish me while simultaneously proclaiming that I never say anything of substance. I don’t think they’ve descended from apes. I think they descended from chickens.

          • mrsmcmommy says:

            …or they at least have a common ancestor.
            Ark is so fixated on things that “run in families,” and he literally thinks his great, great, great, great, great….grandfather was a brainless, single-celled organism.


          • John Branyan says:

            The modern atheist/secularist has such a flimsy theology, we don’t even need to keep our strategy for engagement a secret. We can just flat out tell them what we’re doing:

            “We expose the uselessness of your worldview by simply asking you to explain it.”

            Their position is so stupid that the most effective rebuttal is allowing them to keep talking.

          • mrsmcmommy says:

            You said, and I quote, “we all came from apes.”

            We didn’t.

            If a Christian had said it, you would have pointed out the same error. LOL!

  5. Katy says:

    A crowd of Scientists who are Christian raise you to our shoulders and march around shouting “Huzzah!”

    The first geneticist was a monk.
    I met a priest in NM who was the head of the Vatican Observatory. Who preserved all scientific knowledge and faith during the dark ages?

    Ok, so the church did resist shifting from Earth-Centric to Sun-Centric. A big mistake on that one…

    Science and Faith are not incompatible.

    The more we delve into the wonders and joy of discovery, experiments, exploration… the more many of us can see the finger of our very intelligent, creative God.

    Some experimenters, however, do not like ethics and would prefer a universe with no God, no rules, consequences or personal responsibility.
    (That can be when SHTF.)

    I am grateful for God, and ethical, moral boundaries around my work.

    Priests, Pastors, Pharisees… can make big mistakes, can create religions that reflect poorly on God; but He, being infinite, is not the sum of His sheep. I’m grateful to have a Shepherd Who loves us and allows me to romp in awe in His creation.

    “Yes!” to T-Shirts!
    Much love,
    Child of God/Explorer

    • Arkenaten says:

      Hi, Katy.
      Can you name a single aspect of Christianity , Judaism, Hinduism, Islam
      that is compatible with science and where it would be applicable, say in paleontology, for example?

        • Arkenaten says:

          Then it is obvious there is no aspect of Christianity , Judaism, Hinduism, Islam,,that is compatible with science and where it would be applicable, in paleontology, or otherwise you would have answered.

          • John Branyan says:

            I didn’t answer because the question is too stupid. It is incoherent.

            It would be like asking for a list of ways that economics is compatible with atheism. Or asking for aspects of sociology that are compatible with television broadcasting.

            Your question doesn’t make any sense.

          • Arkenaten says:

            So therefore the premise of the your post is false an in fact, religion is not compatible with science.

          • John Branyan says:

            Religion is perfectly compatible with science.
            Atheism is perfectly compatible with economics.
            Sociology is perfectly compatible with television broadcasting.

            And you are doing an excellent job of demonstrating that atheists are simple clowns.

          • mrsmcmommy says:

            Don’t let him avoid the question of what your supposed alias is!…
            His conspiracy theories are waaaaay more interesting than anything else he ever says.

          • mrsmcmommy says:

            Nah, I think there really was a new commenter recently–and he’s so obsessed with you that he assumed (hoped!) it was you in disguise. 🙂

          • Arkenaten says:

            If you cannot demonstrate how religion would be applicable in any sense on paleontology then your premise is false. It really is that simple.
            Perhaps you would prefer a different science?
            Explain how religion would be compatible with oil exploration?

            Or maybe we should use an actual scientist who is a devout Christian?
            Francis Collins. You should be familiar with this eminent gentleman.

            Please explain how religion is compatible with the HGP and has had any impact, or application, whatsoever. also, show that without its impact the HGP could not function.

          • John Branyan says:

            Please link to where I commented on your blog as with a different alias. I’d LOVE to see what I said.

          • Arkenaten says:

            Answer the question re: religion and science and I will link you to the comment:

            name a single aspect of Christianity , Judaism, Hinduism, Islam
            that is compatible with science and where it would be applicable in paleontology.

          • John Branyan says:

            You will link to the comment first.

            I think you’re lying.
            I don’t think you have a link to provide.
            I’m not going to respond to your stupid question AGAIN until I’ve proven your dishonesty.

          • Arkenaten says:

            I never lie. I am not a Christian. I make mistakes, sure,but I do not lie.
            Answer the question and I’ll post the entire comment I believe you wrote on this thread.

          • mrsmcmommy says:

            No–you will provide a link, so we can laugh at you, or we will laugh at you without it. You have nothing to bargain with because YOU made the dumb accusation and now YOU’RE still demanding answers to an unintelligent question.

            My dad didn’t say ALL religious beliefs are compatible with science. (Your religion, Scientism, is often unscientific.) But even Scientism is compatible with real science in many ways… It’s YOUR JOB to demonstrate that science makes religion obsolete, and it’s your job to back up what you claimed about my dad posting on your blog.

            This should be easy.

          • John Branyan says:

            There is no link.
            He’s a drug-addled liar.
            This is exactly why I gave up commenting on his blog.

          • John Branyan says:

            I’m tempted to send all his comments to moderation if they don’t contain the link to my alias.

            Y’know…to cover my tracks.

          • mrsmcmommy says:

            Just start asking him questions that are similar to his and demand he answer.

            “You can only comment here if you tell us how many cups of sugar it takes to get to the moon.”

            How many cups of sugar, Ark??? ANSWER THE QUESTION ABOUT SUGAR!

            …oh, you can’t answer? Then you’ll go to moderation. (I have seen no evidence of the order and meaning he CLAIMS his comments contain.)

          • John Branyan says:

            I’m fed up with him.
            Get ready to flip the moderation filter back on…I’m guess he’s going to reply and it will NOT contain a link.

          • mrsmcmommy says:

            You have to give him a warning–like a 6-year-old.

            “Ark, if you post another comment without providing a link to back up your accusation, you will go to moderation.”

          • mrsmcmommy says:

            I see it now. But that last comment of his was a good one!

            (“Weasely, disingenuous lying piece of shit.”) Lol. He really thinks he has something to bargain with here. You sure you don’t want that comment to stay? It’s so thought provoking!

          • John Branyan says:

            Already gone.
            Go ahead and flip on the ole’ moderation filter.
            He can scream into the void for another a few months again.

          • mrsmcmommy says:

            I’ve got a baby sleeping on me. I don’t know how to do the moderation thing with my phone, and my laptop is in the other room. But I’ll get to it. 🙂

          • John Branyan says:

            I did it.

            I don’t think things turned out the way he envisioned when he launched his first comment at us this morning.

          • Arkenaten says:

            And your little temper tantrum illustrates just how fragile your confidence is about being found out.

            Answer the question and I give you my word I will post the comment.

        • Arkenaten says:

          My dad didn’t say ALL religious beliefs are compatible with science.

          Here we go, Amanda …this is the title of the post:

          Religion Is NOT Incompatible With Science

          So, yes he did say this.
          And now look who’s lying, you little Eusebius.
          Why not go and feed your kid? I am sure your daddy can look after himself.

          • John Branyan says:

            Last straw, Diggety-Dug.
            I’m sick of you.
            Unless your next comment contains that link to my alleged alias comment, you’re going back into moderation.

          • mrsmcmommy says:


            Are you reading the same quote I’m reading? LOL! It does NOT say “All religious beliefs are compatible with science.”
            lol. You poor thing.

  6. Arkenaten says:

    I didn’t even know I was banned from comment on your blog! That should help you understand your position on my list of priorities.

    Then maybe you could tell me why you commented as another user the other day?

  7. Mike says:

    Ark you asked John and Amanda to give you the evidence of God that caused them to believe. So I thought I would give you mine.
    1. Something can’t create itself. Down to the smallest part of an atom there must be a force that creates it. In other words nothing spontaneously creates itself. – That’s science and not faith
    2. The order of the universe and on a smaller scale Earth. The symmetry and beauty of nature speaks to me of a creator. You cannot get order from chaos. That’s science not faith.
    3. The different kinds of creatures on the earth. A mutation never adds genetic material. So to change from one kind of creature to another is impossible. Science not faith
    4. Evolutionary theory does not adequately answer my questions.
    Why would a single cell creature develope a pulmonary system that it doesn’t need as cannot use?
    Why isn’t the fossil record full of transitionary creatures?
    We have so many fossils of simple creatures and more complex creatures but nothing in between. That makes no logical sense.
    That’s just a few for God and then for Jesus being the Messiah.
    1. The eyewitness accounts of what Jesus did while He was on the earth.
    2. The number of ancient prophecies that Jesus has already fulfilled. The mathematical odds are off the charts.
    3. The change in the disciples after seeing the risen Jesus and their willingness to die horrible deaths for what they knew was true. No one would die for something they know is a lie.

    This is just some of the evidence that has moved me to faith in Jesus. I would recommend you read the books “The Case for Christ” and “The Case for Faith” by Lee Strobel. He does a much better job of explaining it then I probably have done here. This evidence may not convince you, but that wasn’t your question. You asked for the evidence that convinced me.

    • mrsmcmommy says:

      Thanks for doing this, Mike! 🙂

      Just for the record, Ark has been coming around for a couple of years now. So we have addressed his questions directly many times. Now–we’re just kind of tired of him. haha.

      Also, I’m not sure if you read all the comments in this thread, but he has been locked in spam until he can provide evidence that JB uses a secondary account to comment on other blogs. So, he won’t be responding to you for awhile…

      But, again, thanks for trying! It’s always nice to have readers who are willing to give patient answers when the rest of us grow weary from all the mindlessness.

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