Resistance is Futile


Star Trek fans, feel free to comment.

Non-Trekkies, feel free to skip this one.

Saw this gem on a blog:

Humanists are equatable to Star Fleet and the Federation. Humans working together for the betterment of mankind, striving to attain personal greatness while at the same time working towards the goals of a peaceful and just society.

Religionists are equatable to the Borg. Working together around a small set of rules, conforming to the same theology and attempting to either destroy or assimilate anything that does not fit their dogmatic mold.

Since I’m not allowed to comment on the blog anymore…

…I’ll destroy the thesis here!

Fire photon torpedoes!

The Borg are probably the most formidable opponent faced by the Federation.

They are a “hive mind” which allows them to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

The Borg adapt during combat so Federation weapons become ineffective.

The Borg collective “assimilates” the knowledge of every species they encounter.

There are no secrets that are safe from The Borg.

They eventually absorb their enemies and make them part of the hive.

Hence the phrase, “Resistance is futile.”

It is odd for Humanists to label religious people as “Borg”.

The Borg are much more powerful than the Federation.

In the Star Trek universe, the only alien lifeform capable of vanquishing the Borg is “Q”.

“Q” is omnipotent.

The Federation needs help from Q to escape the Borg.

Get it?

An all-powerful being helps the “Humanists” deal with the vastly superior “religious folks”.

Don’t you love irony?

3 thoughts on “Resistance is Futile

  1. Dylan Black says:

    I know you blog about controversial things, but this could be one of the biggest. Didn’t the Enterprise D stop the Borg sans Q when the were on their way to earth after capturing Picard? Data threw an error in their hive mind which initiated a self-destruct sequence.

    Though it was Q’s fault that the Borg even found out about the Federation. So in that way, Humanists could say it’s God’s fault for the religious being in contact with humanists, hehe.

    Of course, if Christians functioned as they probably should, it would look a little more like the Borg’s ability to function efficiently and adapt to situations quickly. But alas… that doesn’t not describe us at this time – at least not on a large scale.

    • John Branyan says:

      I agree with you about the magnitude of this controversy. This matters a lot!

      The point I was trying to raise is simply that the Borg are more advanced than the Federation. It struck me as odd that the Humanists wouldn’t reverse the analogy and see themselves as the superior race.

      At the same time, the Bible describes the church as individual members functioning as a single “body”. That’s the strength of the Borg in a nutshell.

      Bottom line: This is a terrible analogy for Humanism.

      • Dylan Black says:

        That’s probably because Humanists are clearly morally superior, like the Federation. They wouldn’t want to be associated with the bad guys. You know humanists and their rigid moral standards.

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