Sticks and Stones – Cowards Need Civility

Censorship is a great way to help people understand that you have a weak point of view.

From time to time, I wander away from the safety of my own blog space.

I throw my thoughts into conversations with people who think much differently than I do.

The worst thinkers are easy to spot.

They get their feelings hurt when I disagree with them.

Their comments focus on my “attitude” or “tone”.

They justify deleting my comments because I’m not being “civil”.

The Mad Over-Lord at this blog wrote an article about me.

Then deleted my comment because sneering…sarcastic…something…something….

I linked to his blog (even though he didn’t link to mine) so you can read for yourself…

…assuming he doesn’t delete it.

He was kind enough to post a reply to the comment that nobody except him will ever see.

“Based on our first conversation…I’m not overly interested in what you say.”

What he means is:

“I can’t handle you.”

The “civility” excuse just helps him sleep at night.

He’s not opposed to sneering sarcasm when it suits his purposes.

I’m posting this for my fellow Christians.

You have nothing to fear from the heathen.


There are no rational pagans.

Atheists, humanists, agnostics, and the various kinds of ‘godless’ free-thinkers are no threat to your faith.

They’re cowards, trembling in their echo chambers.

They don’t delete comments that are uncivil.

They delete comments that are true.

*** UPDATE ***

The blog that was referenced in this post (ironically titled, “My Door Is Ajar”) has been made private by the author.

11 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones – Cowards Need Civility

  1. mrsmcmommy says:

    I can vividly remember when I was about 16 or 17-years-old (taking my first peeks into the world of internet conversations). I blindly believed the people who set themselves up as intellectuals actually were.

    I thought they REALLY WERE way, way smarter than me…and that they would be able to tell that I was just an empty-headed kid, if I tried to engage them at all.

    If there’s just one thing I could tell anyone who’s afraid to engage with Atheists online it’s this: your biggest problem will be trying to keep from making THEM look too foolish. Your biggest criticism (from both Atheists and other Christians) is that you’re not being “like Jesus,” because nobody thinks that Jesus would laugh at these idiots. (Nobody thinks Jesus would refer to anyone as an “idiot.”) 🙂

    But, my point is, when you flip the script and start asking the “Brights” to demonstrate how intelligent they are, YOU won’t be the one with any reason to be afraid.

    • John Branyan says:

      Questions are silver bullets to the werewolves of atheism. (Or garlic if you think atheists are vampires.)
      I’m brewing the next installment of “Sticks and Stones” right now. Taboo wrote the comment so it’s slightly longer than “Pride and Prejudice”. It’s going to take effort to break it down into understandable bits.

      • mrsmcmommy says:

        Ugh. Not Taboo. :/ His comments aren’t interesting. It’s much better when you can find Atheists who don’t bury their cluelessness under walls of text. Nobody else wants to slog through his (or Tildeb’s) verbal vomit.

  2. This lines in persedeplume’s post are funny.

    “First, a couple things about John. He’s intelligent. Intelligent enough to know there’s absolutely no demonstrable manifestation of god in Nature. It’s an assertion that can’t be defended honestly. He knows this. He just can’t admit it publicly. That would be inconvenient in explaining all the other stuff he’s said on the internet. So, he knows what he believes might not be true. It also means he knows that knowledge is more important than believing when it comes to ordering his life because while believing in god might be more important to John, knowing whether it’s true or not might end up being the biggest disappointment in his life.”

    We have an infinite universe that is extremely orderly. It just happened?

  3. Mrs. McMommy says:

    “Cowards need civility.”

    Cowards also make their blogs “protected” when they realize a few dozen Christians are going to come read it. 🙂

    • mrsmcmommy says:

      “Personal opinion”

      Much like “All lives are precious.”
      And “Owning and controlling other people as property, or like animals is Evil. Period!!” 😉

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