The Best Reason To Quit Being A Christian

There aren’t a lot of good reasons to leave the Christian faith.

Most of the reasons people give for leaving Christianity are irrational.

Muddled emotionalism causes folks to jump ship.

Out of the proverbial frying pan into an incoherent religious gobbledygook.

Some people claim to be non-religious.

Which is itself a religious claim.

It is impossible to leave ‘religion’.

But leaving Christianity is quite doable.

And there is one…

and only one…

…good reason for abandoning Christianity.

You don’t like the Bible.

Maybe you don’t like the stories of God’s wrath.

Maybe you don’t like church discipline.

Maybe you don’t like the rules regarding sex.

Maybe you think God is too hung-up on ‘sin’.


Why do you want to identify as a Christian anyway?

The Bible is the rulebook.

You don’t like the rules.

So quit playing the game!

You’re like the guy who wants to join the swim team but doesn’t want to get wet.

Or the chick who joins the chess club then complains that they don’t play Backgammon.

If you don’t like Christianity…quit.

Go be a Buddhist.

Or worship Mother Nature.

Or start your own church!

(This is probably the most lucrative option.)

Just stop whining about it.

Jesus repelled a lot of people during his brief ministry.

At least those people gave Him the courtesy of going away.

The rich young ruler didn’t keep showing up day after day to accuse Christ of intolerance.

Christianity isn’t for everyone.

It’s for the wretched, helpless, fools who realize their lives are a mess.

If that’s not you then take a hike.

13 thoughts on “The Best Reason To Quit Being A Christian

  1. Arkenaten says:

    Probably the only truly honest post of yours I have read.
    Except you forgot the part commanding you to evangelize and trying to convince others that:(they are) ” … wretched, helpless, fools who (should) realize their lives are a mess.”

    ( and if they do not comply will spend eternity being tortured in Hell)

    Just thought I mention it.

    • John Branyan says:

      Thanks for mentioning it.
      If you don’t like the doctrine of Hell, jettison Christianity and come up with your own plan for what should happen to all the bad folks. (You know, the Christians. They deserve to burn for preaching at you, don’t they?)

      • Arkenaten says:

        I never was a Christian, except through association via birth.

        Does anyone actually like the doctrine of hell?

        What will happen to the ”bad folks” is the same thing that will happen to the ”good folks” – they will die.

  2. Arkenaten says:

    I cannot speak for others, but for me, it feels better. And I try to do things that make me feel good, as this generally means others feel good as a result.

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