The Best Way To Wound A Simpleton

First, you should never upset someone intentionally.

Having said that, here is the most effective way to upset someone.

Attempt to convert them to your belief.

Weak minds go into a tailspin when they suspect they are being influenced.

Simply professing a contrary opinion sends the drama levels off the chart.

“Don’t force your religion on me!”

“You’re a bigot!”

“Don’t be hateful!”

You should  WELCOME conversion attempts.

It’s a chance to test the strength of your own beliefs.

Suppose your religion teaches that it is an act of worship to use a hairdryer in the shower.

Someday, in the comment section of your blog, we might have this discussion:

Me: “Maybe you could turn off the shower before flipping on the hairdryer.”

You: “Stop forcing your views on others!”

Me: “Does your religion DEMAND the water and hairdryer be running at the same time?”

You: “…I don’t know…let me check.”

*researches the question*

You: “Actually. It doesn’t specify.”

Me: “Why would a religion encourage a practice that electrocutes the most devout followers?”

You: “Shut up! You voted for Trump!”

By the way, the second best way to wound a simpleton is…

…tell them you voted for Trump.

If you think it’s absurd to stand in a running shower with a hairdryer then…

…you’ve been indoctrinated.

Somewhere in the past, somebody preached this message:

“Stand ye not in running water with electrical devices.”

And you believed.

Somebody may challenge that belief someday.

If you’re smart, you’ll explain why you don’t shower with a hairdryer.

If you’re a simpleton, you’ll just get triggered.

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