The Evolution of Evolution

Biology, philosophy, mathematics and ‘Evolution’ are not friends.

You wouldn’t know that unless you occasionally read things that aren’t atheist drivel.

I feel kinda bad for Evolution.

It started out as a simple, happy-go-lucky theory about life on Earth.

But as it aged, it got cranky.

Evolution is now a wrinkled curmudgeon shrieking at other sciences, “Get off my lawn!”

I feel bad because this isn’t entirely Evolution’s fault.

The fault lies, ironically, with the theory’s most enthusiastic supporters.


Or…humanists, free-thinkers, Brights, anti-theists, pagans, heathen, godless, intellectuals, omniscient super-beings…

…whatever you want to call them.

They put too much pressure on Evolution.

They set expectations too high.

They won’t let it be a happy-go-lucky explanation for the diversity of life on Earth.

Now, Evolution is expected to explain EVERYTHING.

It is supposed to explain something coming from nothing.

It is supposed to explain the origins of life.

It is supposed to explain consciousness.

It is supposed to explain morality.

It is supposed to explain emotions.

And it just can’t do it!

No single theory should be expected to explain all that!

(I mean, no single SECULAR theory….)

That’s a lot of pressure on a hapless hypothesis.

And Evolution has cracked under that pressure.

So next time Evolution snaps at you, respond gently.

It’s having a rough time these days.

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