The Reason It’s Okay For God To Kill Children

So many idiotic statements to choose from online.

It’s hard to pick a favorite.

But if I ever put together a ‘greatest hits of idiocy’, this would be on the list:

“God kills people and that breaks His own commandment!”

Often this statement is modified to include words like “decent”, “innocent”, and “children”.

The logic is as follows:

  1.  God said killing is a sin.
  2. God kills.
  3. So…God commits sin.

But even though the logic is sound, the thinking is flawed.

Here’s a little story that might clear up the error.

Suppose you told a toddler that it is wrong to color on the walls.

You firmly instruct the child, “Only make marks on paper. Never on the walls!”

The child obediently confines all coloring, drawing, and illustrating to the provided paper.

Then…one day…

…the child comes into the room and discovers you painting the walls.

Outraged, the child screams:

“You’re marking on the walls! You’re bad!”

You have two options at this point

  1. The Fundamentalist Option
  2. The Non-Fundamentalist Option

The Fundamentalist Option

This option is by far the easiest.

  • Scold the child for questioning your authority.
  • Demand that the child apologizes for sassing you.
  • Reaffirm that you are not accountable to children for your actions.

Finish painting and invite some friends over for a Bible study.

The Non-Fundamentalist Option

This option requires a bit of patience and thoughtfulness.

  • Explain to the child that you own the walls and can do what you please with them.
  • And when you mark on the wall, it is for different reasons than when the child marks on the wall.

In other words…

…adults are not bound by the same rules as children.

This is why it’s okay for God to kill people.

God gives life in the first place.

Nobody births themselves.

God creates babies.

He can do whatever He wants with the babies He creates.

And He always does what’s right.

He is on record as saying He loves children.

So when He removes a child from the Earth…He has a good reason for it.

With God involved, death is not permanent.

Accusing God of breaking His own rules is like yelling at grown-ups for painting on the walls.

Or scolding your parents for breaking the curfew they set for you.

Parents are not children.


God is the ultimate parent.

He is not subject to the laws He established for His children.

So quit saying stupid things about God being immoral.

And go to your room.

9 thoughts on “The Reason It’s Okay For God To Kill Children

  1. Hahaha…sound reasoning. Or at least, sound. I mean if I read it out loud. There’d be sound. And reasoning. So, sound reasoning. Anyway, interesting take.

  2. sklyjd says:

    So, painting on walls explains what all this killing is about then? So dammed simplistic with only the emotionally indoctrinated being able to understand the morals of this story. Simply this God can kill his creation and what he does is always right, and he has good reasons for it. Children are born into a life of pain and suffering before they die sometimes days or weeks later, and you definitely do not know that death is not permanent. Such a neat package to deliver without having to validate anything. Just how blind can you be?

    • John Branyan says:

      This is over your head right now.

      If you want me to walk you through it, I will do my best to do that.

      Do you want me to break it down for you?

      • Ben Bennett says:

        Child has a friend. Let’s call him Brat. (He’s a product of his environment and acts in ways that are socially … different … only his DNA knows why.)


        Brat comes over to Child’s house. Brat says, “Let’s make art! Art is good! We can express ourselves. Hey! There’s some crayons and … SHARPIES!

        “Look! A wall!”

        Child says, “No! Don’t do that. Father says we shouldn’t mark on the walls.”

        Brat: “Who is this Father? I don’t see him. Who makes these rules that say art is bad? Obviously your belief in this mythical daddy has brainwashed you to be a hater of art. Your creativity is a slave to this father ruler.”

        Child: “He was just here, telling me to not mark on the walls.”

        Brat: “Prove he exists… and explain why art is evil.”


        Dear John,

        These arguments on my social media threads are giving me a headache. Any advice or remedy?

        • John Branyan says:

          Ask questions instead of making statements. Attempts to illustrate your point will usually fail.

          Ask specific questions. You will receive no answers so it’s up to you how long you want to continue the back and forth. I usually bow out when they start calling me names. When the comments turn personal, I’ve won the argument.

          • Ben Bennett says:

            Soooooo…. making the statement that logically, their atheistic materialistic world view means they are nothing but soulless meat puppets… is probably not a helpful statement to make?

          • John Branyan says:

            I didn’t say that!
            We are called to express truth. The truth is always helpful, even though sometimes it’s ignored.

          • Ben Bennett says:


            I like getting bonus points for pointing out to the soulless meat puppets that they can’t feel offended for being called soulless, if nothing is objectively wrong.

            How can anyone be mean if life is meaningless?

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