Turn Strangers Into Toxic Relationships

You are in a relationship with everyone else on Earth.

We are all related because we occupy the same planet.

We are all the same species.

The majority of your relationships are not chosen by you.

Most of your relationships are shallow and superficial.

In fact, you don’t even know the other person in most of your relationships.

That’s as shallow as it gets.

And it shouldn’t surprise you when those people forget your birthday.

Or never call to “catch up”.

Relationships with strangers require zero maintenance.

You don’t expect strangers to invest in your life.

Doing so would create awkward public moments.

You (crying): “I’m lonely and unfulfilled!”

Checkout Clerk: “Um…do you have coupons?”

Strangers’ indifference doesn’t reflect poorly on their character.

You don’t get angry at strangers.

Only REAL friends get to experience your contempt.

Your expectations skyrocket for REAL friends.

Friends must remember your birthday.

Friends must call to “catch up”.

Friends must regularly remind you that you’re important to them.

Friends have no excuse for thoughtlessness.

You keep an imaginary contract in your head.

Your friends don’t know they have signed it.

The contract obligates them to prioritize you…

…over everything else in their lives.

But..you don’t sign the contract.

You’ve been hurt in the past.

You won’t commit to another “toxic” relationship.

True friends relish your pettiness.

True friends appreciate your drama.

That’s what separates them from strangers.

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