We Don’t Go Together Like Worms

God made man.

He told man, “This garden is yours! Go where you want!”

And the man said, “Thanks. I’m just gonna sit on this couch.”

So God decided it is not good for man to be alone.

Even though man really likes being alone.

God made man a companion.

A woman!

She said, “We’re not just gonna sit around on this couch! We’re going out!”

“Let’s go eat at that cute tree the snake told me about…”

Despite the differences, men and women are good together.

Man and Woman are necessary for creating more men and women.

A fact that is enormously inconvenient and inefficient.

Earthworms are both male and female.

It’s like God said, “It is not good for worm to be alone. I will make an exact copy.”

A narcissistic dream!

One worm asks, “How do I look?”

An appropriate response is, “Look at me.”

It seems like a more efficient system for procreating.

When a worm says, “Not tonight, I have a headache.”

The partner can say, “Okay. You can be the guy!”

There’s no reason humans should have evolved into two distinct sexes.

Except that God knew it would make things more interesting.

It’s not good for man to be alone.

But he doesn’t need another dude next to him on the couch.

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