Who Deserves The Wrath of God?

You gotta be pretty bad to upset God, right?

He’s not gonna pour out His wrath for minor offenses.

Just the big sinsWrat

Like murder.

And rape.

And attempted murder.

And some forms of assault.

Like child abuse.

And spouse abuse.

Including the emotional and psychological kind.

And human trafficking.

And animal abuse.

Or extreme cruelty to any living creature.

Actually, any kind of cruelty. Doesn’t need to be extreme.

Stealing is cruel.

Apathy is cruel.

Indifference to the plight of the poor is cruel.

So thoughtlessness deserves God’s wrath.

And if we’re going to say ‘thoughtlessness’, we should include greed too.

And prejudice.

And bigotry.

And hatefulness.

And lying.

And cheating.

And dishonesty.

And arrogance.

The answer to the question, “Why did Jesus need to die?” is…

…to save you from the ‘big sins’ you’ve committed.

That’s why this is ‘Good Friday’.

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