Yay, Jesus! Die! Die! Die!

Jesus rode into Jerusalem and the crowd went wild!

Popular guy.

Had a gigantic following without a late night talk show.

No Twitter account.

No YouTube videos.

The guy went from obscurity to superstardom without the internet.

Because he preached love!

Love! Love! Love!

That was the sum total of Christ’s message!

Love-ity Love-ity Love Love


Right on!

Love is all you need!

Don’t think, just love!

Don’t judge, just love!

Don’t fret your conduct, just love!

Love everyone…everywhere…all the time!


Can I get an amen?


Love is ALL there was to Jesus.

So he was killed.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

56 thoughts on “Yay, Jesus! Die! Die! Die!

  1. You should blame the god of the Bible. Wasn’t it His Plan? Wasn’t it a good thing that HAD to happen for the salvation of humanity? Wasn’t it jesus who ‘laid his life down’ and said no one took his life?
    All this rage, not comedic at all by the way, can be laid at the feet of the god who could have just Forgiven those who repent without the human blood sacrifice… if He wanted to. His rules broken, his Pride offended, his right to just Forgive rather than stage that Kabuki theater or brutality and murder of his own son. Utter bs. What a cruel bast*rd of a ‘loving’ God you have.

    • I’m curious how having FOUR surviving biographies written by eyewitness account during the lifetime of the eye witnesses counts as “wasn’t mentioned by a single contemporary historian.” How many biographies of a historical figure have to survive before we admit they exist?
      Or do you discount biographies of historical figures when the authors believe what they are writing? Because that’s a REAL common objection to the FOUR biographies of Jesus. “Those can’t be trusted because they were written by CHRISTIANS!”
      Cracks me up.
      But I digress. So, those FOUR historical accounts don’t count, why?
      Thanks JZ, and you too JB, and friends!

  2. Preach it!

    Odd, though, how so far I am the only person to actually get it besides you and Amanda. But, then again, I don’t really understand my own faith.

    Just ask Mikey. He understands because he is an expert on all things Christian.

    • I always encourage my first-grader to read through things at least twice, to make sure you grasp the point…

      KIA is very concerned that adults be held to the same standard as children, so–obviously he’s taking a minute now to re-read.

  3. Brant Hansen says:

    This is off the angry-atheist talking point issue for a bit, but:

    It’s kind of odd we act like the whole “Hosanna!” scene is something to celebrate. I’d never really thought about it before.

    These people all abandoned him within hours, when he didn’t bring about the earthly power-move they were hoping for, right? Maybe I’m misunderstanding.

    But they seemed to be celebrating the promise of a team win, that God was going to establish his Kingdom in a way that He actually isn’t interested in. “We” palm-waving, Hosanna!-types were refusing to see, because we thought in terms of politics.

    Maybe some of the same people were yelling, “Crucify him!”, later, too – I don’t know. But they certainly weren’t around for long. Palm Sunday seems tragic like Good Friday in that sense. We’re foolish like that.

  4. Jeff Lane says:

    I had the communion mediation this morning and the point basically is 2000 plus years later people still don’t get it. The entry was misunderstood and now people still don’t recognize him for a who He is whether due to ignorance or willfully denying the truth insert atheist’s name here but there’s always hope.

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