3 Things To Stop Blaming On Donald Trump


I understand your position.

Donald Trump is evil in the flesh.

He is every comic book villain rolled under a dreadful haircut.

Donald Trump sold Eve an apple in the garden.

Donald Trump tempted Jesus in the desert.

I get it.

In your mind, Donald Trump is the most despicable character in your mind.

With that fact established, here are 3 things you must immediately stop blaming on Trump.


Racism is rooted in stupidity.

Stupidity pre-dates Donald Trump.

Flip through the pages of a history book and you’ll discover that America had laws that mistreated black people.

Keep reading!

You’ll discover that America got rid of the laws that mistreated black people.

Because Americans are not stupid.

Well, not all of them…

Some Americans…

…the stupid ones…

…maintain a hatred for black people right up to present day!

You should mock them for their racism.

And quit blaming it on Donald Trump.

Insane Foreign Leaders

Decades before Donald Trump was sworn in, North Korea hated us.

Russia hated us.

Countless lunatics in the Middle East hated us.

I could go on but you get the idea.

(Don’t you?)

They hated us for a bunch of insane reasons.

But NONE of those reasons were ‘Donald Trump’.

So stop saying things like:

‘Donald Trump is going to get us into a war!’

…as if that’s the goal of his presidency.

Imagine North Korean soldiers parachuting into your town and shooting all the police.

Wouldn’t you expect the president to do SOMETHING?

Your Personal Hatred

Hate is a choice.

YOUR choice.

Trump does not manufacture that ugly, irrational outrage.

You do.

Stop blaming your bitter Facebook posts on Trump.

No president can make you hate.

No legislature will end your hatefulness.

Calling it ‘activism’ or ‘tolerance’ or ‘justice’ is kidding yourself.

You were hateful before Trump took office.

And when he is replaced by someone else…

…even if you support the next occupant of the Oval office…

…you’ll still be a hateful wretch.

It will just be easier to pretend otherwise.

DISCLAIMER for MORONS: Pro-Trump morons will read this as an endorsement of Donald Trump’s leadership. Personally, I think Trump needs to spend less time tweeting and more time President-ing. Anti-Trump morons will read this as a bit of brainwashed Trump supporter propaganda. I have nothing to say to these people because they’re too far gone for me to reach.

7 thoughts on “3 Things To Stop Blaming On Donald Trump

  1. Jack says:

    You hit the nail on the head! I especially agree that Trump needs to step up and be Presidential, yes the bar was set to an all-time low by his predecessor but he made some promises that he needs to keep.

  2. I agree with you, and I mostly agree with your post script.
    I am far less offended by Mr Trump’s boorish tweets than by the endless hysterical stupidity of the responses. But as a rough corollary of your third point, there was plenty of hysterical stupidity on the internet before this president, and his tweets don’t make it worse, they just give it a focus.

    • John Branyan says:

      No question there is stupidity everywhere. In my opinion this is made worse by our tendency to want to assign group identities to individual acts of stupidity.

      I’m reluctant to make ‘Republicans’ responsible for Trumps tweets. I’m equally reluctant to hold ‘Liberals’ accountable for a Cambridge librarian who says Dr. Seuss books are racist.

  3. Susan Greer says:

    Yeah, what’s up with the tweeting? If this is a way to connect with the common folk, then why not use it to truly inform with a little more class. I honestly hope the tweets are a hack. It is so “un-presidential”. I voted for him but it embarrasses me.

  4. McQ says:

    For too many people, on both sides, the office of President has become their “god.” Until all expect the President, a fellow sinner, to be their President and not their “god”, all will be disappointed. When we let GOD have proper place in our lives and expect ONLY HIM to be our perfect provider and Savior, we can let the President be the imperfect man that he is and not, for lack of a better phrase, freak out over every little thing he says/does. Without 24/7 access, yes, some by his choice, we would likely think him more like previous office holders whom we only learned the bad/ugly about AFTER they left D.C. and wrote books to make more money. How many of us could pass the microscope scrutiny of our choices & words? We need to pray for our leaders to be used by God as He is still in control.

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