Intentionally Relevant After All This Time

I’ve been busy with Comedy Creation 101 for awhile.

So the blog hasn’t been updated for awhile.

Apparently,  the blog is relevant even without updates!

This article suggests that the godless have been unsettled since February.

The link is broken to my original post – (This is where it should be.)

Like I said, I’ve been busily working on a comedy writing course.

It has required oodles of intentional thought.

So far, not one word has written itself.

No video has recorded itself.

Nothing has happened apart from my specific will.

Maybe the laws of physics will produce this course in a few billion years.

I don’t want to wait that long.

Since February, nobody has offered an explanation for omelets apart from people.

Nobody has ever offered an intelligent explanation for intelligence apart from other intelligence.

Because there isn’t one.

With great intention, the blog author waxes philosophical about the difference between unintended and random.

The comment section contains the usual accolades from the sycophantic heathen.

Some delightful back and forths about my wretchedness.

And it all came about from an article I thought was long forgotten!

But the truth doesn’t go away.

It will haunt you.

Push it away with both hands.

Plug your ears.

Bury your head in The God Delusion.

There are no omelets without people.

There are no people without God.

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