8 thoughts on “Logical Fallacy – Ad Hominem

  1. John Branyan says:

    Quick note, everybody.
    Everyone’s favorite angry child, Douglas Pearce (AKA: Arkenaten), is back in moderation! That didn’t take long, did it?
    This time, he accused yours truly of posting comments to his blog under another name. (I haven’t posted comments on his blog for a long time.)
    I denied the accusation. He claimed to have a link to evidence of this nefarious post. I asked for the link. He refused to give it.

    So…bye-bye Arkenaten.
    Even atheists are expected to behave with a modicum of integrity.
    When you either admit you were lying or post the link to the comment I supposedly wrote, all is forgiven.
    Until then, keep shouting into the void.

    • I had to finally ban Ark from my blog for excessive infantile vulgarity and belligerence (after having to moderate him for a long time, which is a lot of work because he won’t stop talking (he still has the most comments on my blog). But he just can’t seem to let me go. I’m still one of his favorite topics on his echo chamber blog. It’s hard when love goes unrequited.

  2. I do have some sympathy for our angry atheist friends on this. After all, if they can’t use logical fallacies they won’t be able to construct a comment on any Christian blog. All they’re left with is incoherence. 🙂

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