Open Letter To Anyone Who Won’t Read It

First, I’m sorry that you aren’t reading this.

I’m concerned for you.

Refusing to listen to opposing points of view is harmful.

Jamming your fingers so deeply in your ears will puncture your eardrums.

Burying your head in the sand is bad for your sinuses…

…and leaves your butt vulnerable to flying objects (and sunburn).

But it is even worse for you.

You’re not reading this simply because… I wrote it.

You reject or accept ideas based on their source.

Who-said-it‘ matters more to you than ‘what-was-said‘.

This is called, “blind faith”.

No doubt you’re screaming, “I don’t have faith!”…

…but you’re not reading this.

So you cannot reply.

And you remain ignorant to your condition.

Ignorant to the weakness of your ideas.

Silencing disagreement won’t make you stronger.

Strength comes when you’re challenged.

Opposing ideas should meet in the arena of debate…

…and fight to the death!

The best idea is battered, tested, and refined in battle.

A good idea can survive a beating.

A good idea welcomes a challenge.

A wise person looks for ideas that have done some brawling.

Your anemic philosophy has never faced a giant.

You won’t even let other ideas on the field.

So while your idea takes an undeserved victory lap…

…you jam your fingers in your ears and shout, “Bravo!” to your untested champion.

Keep cheering, lunatic!

Applaud your illusionary intellectualism.

You have plenty of time for self-congratulation because…

…you’re not reading this.

4 thoughts on “Open Letter To Anyone Who Won’t Read It

  1. alternate email…I look at this one more often: I might also add that my 8 year experience has allowed me to more effectively answer the challenges that still pop up from time-to-time. And I do make room on my blog for the occasional opposing opinion—some of my blogging friends are very much the opposite of me, politically and religious-wise! 🙂

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