Systemic Racism Is Not Real

You’ll believe anything.

You don’t need evidence.

You don’t need a rational explanation.

You’ll believe everything you’re told by people who are better than you.

You know, politicians, celebrities, athletes.

All these people are better than you.


So you believe whatever they tell you.

Anything they tell you.

They told you there’s a monster on the loose.

A monster called ‘racism’.

You can’t see it.

You don’t hear it.

But it’s there.

The monster corrupts the legal system.

Don’t you dare ask, “How?”

Doubting is what racists do!

Just believe what you’re told!

Trust your intellectual masters.

Go and RESIST!

Speak Truth to Power!






This is a good and noble cause.

…as far as you know.

That’s what you’ve been told.

You’re not qualified to question.

There’s an undetectable monster running loose in America.

You believe it.

Because in your world gullibility is a virtue.

Ignorance is a badge of honor.

And self-righteousness is superior to righteousness.

3 thoughts on “Systemic Racism Is Not Real

  1. A bit ironic, but what you have just demonstrated is the truth and reality of systemic racism. Is there a concerted effort underway to keep you in your place, to keep you outside of the in-group, to manipulate your behavior in ways that are harmful to you?

    There is. It isn’t love that motivates these people either,whether it be welfare policies designed to tear up families,or radicalizing young men so they go out and shoot cops or riot and protest. What we are bearing witness to is systemic, weaponized racism. It’s a convoluted mess of course,being promoted under the guise of caring or concerns about injustice, but it’s real enough.

    I feel the same way about sexism,it doesn’t really exist,and yet you get enough people interrupting your success to remind you are actually a hated and oppressed member of society, and we got some systemic sexism going on.Add in some comments by the elite ladies who declare women can’t think for themselves, don’t vote right,and you’ve just reinforced it all.

    • mrsmcmommy says:

      I understand where you’re going with this comment. And I agree! Unfortunately, I’m afraid your reasoning is about two steps ahead of many Americans. :/

      When I wrote my post about the institutional racism of the public schools, I expected a lot of push back. (And I did get SOME.) But I think most people just didn’t understand what was even saying. If you’re not talking about rich, white Republicans being the Bad Guy, it just doesn’t make sense.

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