We Value Your Opinion!

I get this stuff all the time.

“Take a minute to let us know how we’re doing.”

“Fill out this survey, we value your opinion!”

“Send feedback on your recent experience with us.”

My opinion matters.

I’m thrilled to share my wisdom.

“Let me tell you the truth about your chalupas…”

Companies clamor to hear my thoughts.

And I’m making a difference!

I’m making the world…no…

…I’m making the Universe a better place to live.

Because of me, hotel pillows are fluffier.

Pizza crusts are tastier.

Grocery store coupons are more convenient.

Yeah. I’m responsible for all those things and much, much more.

There’s one internationally recognized brand that refers to me as “Elite”.

I can show you the card if you don’t believe me.

Every day I’m reassured that my opinions are priceless.

My thoughts are super-important.

It’s not a problem until the church starts to believe this.

And the mission becomes excellent customer service.

“Tell us what music you like!”

“Tell us what you think of our new Children’s Center!”

“Tell us which Bible verses offend you so we can avoid them!”


The church must stop asking people for their opinions.

There are thousands of places to go and offer your opinion.

The church is the only place to go and hear the truth.

And the truth is, my opinion isn’t all that valuable.

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