Who To Blame When Your Spouse Cheats

Men and women cheat on their spouses for different reasons.

Men cheat because they are selfish pigs.

Women cheat because they are unfulfilled or bored…

…married to selfish pig husbands.

It’s all outlined in this worthless article from CNN.

I’ll summarize the article:

“Men and women are both selfish pigs but women are justified in being so.”

When a husband cheats on a wife, she’s a victim.

When a wife cheats on her husband it’s because she’s a victim.

So much for gender equality.

This has to end.

Somebody needs to stand up and do the brave thing…

…place blame.

Obviously, failed marriages can’t be blamed on married people.

So whose fault is it?

*stands up bravely*

It’s the church’s fault.


“Til death do us part,” didn’t come from the pages of Playboy.

The church preaches lifelong monogamy.

A ludicrous idea that runs contrary to human instincts.

Note the puzzled look on a bachelor’s face when you suggest he settle down and raise kids.

Note the furious response when you suggest a woman stay in her loveless marriage.

Yet the church keeps marketing marriage as the pile of gold at the end of the relationship rainbow.

We rave about the joy to be found within marriage…

…then council youngsters not to ‘rush into it’.

We tell married people to find happiness…

…by remembering the pre-marriage relationship.

We publish books…so many books…

…gazillions of books…

…full of tips for making marriage as awesome as dating.

God forbid I suffer a moment of dullness.

Boredom is a sure sign that ‘something is wrong‘ with my marriage…

…I mean, something is wrong with my spouse.

Because marriage is supposed to be endlessly satisfying, right?

This is our fault, church.

We are misrepresenting what marriage actually is.

Put another way, we’re lying to people.

“You kids should quit living in sin and get married!”


There is nothing magical about signing a marriage certificate.

The church should quit preaching the benefits of marriage apart from the necessity of Christ.

Jesus changes people.

Marriage doesn’t.

4 thoughts on “Who To Blame When Your Spouse Cheats

  1. Jesus changes people.

    Marriage doesn’t.


    When people all Jesus to change their their hearts, marriage works.

    Our modern concept of “traditional” marriage is actually Christian in origin, but it is not actually a church invention. The Bible commands us to marry before sex, and the Bible is clear about what is required. If we are Christians, therefore part of the church, we do what the Bible says. Therefore, who is to blame. Since God inspired the Bible, it must be His fault, that is, Jesus. Jesus is God. However, since Jesus is the head of the church, I suppose blaming it on the church works too, when we are doing what He tells us to do.

    Good post!

  2. don says:

    Bullshit! Woman cheat because they are animals just like men. But one must look at who woman it is they cheat with. BLACK_MAN. Most cheater change Race.

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