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Trump Is President and America Is Insane

I’ll get to Trump soon.

First, Roy Moore.

What a guy, huh?

In his 30’s he cruised around Alabama picking up chicks who were 15 years younger than himself!

Creepy and weird, right?

Only guys like Hugh Hefner can get away with perversion like that!

You need to be a recognizable celebrity before you can use people for personal pleasure.

District Attorney of Podunk Alabama won’t cut it.

The minimum requirement for that level of salaciousness is Governor of Arkansas.

Or — You need to be a television star.

(Told you I’d get around to Trump.)

It’s likely that Donald Trump has abused people.

He’s a rich celebrity.

He can use people however he wants.

He said so himself!

That’s a perk of fame.

When he grabs people by the parts they’re happy he noticed them!

Until it is politically useful to be otherwise.

This is why America is insane.

Right and wrong depend on politics.

Good and evil are determined by personal opinion.

Our morals are made-up in the voting booth.

Alabama rejected Roy Moore who is a creepy, child abuser.

Alabama elected Doug Jones who proudly advocates killing unborn children.

There aren’t enough straight-jackets to go around.

Here’s a fact,  America.

EVERY politician is deeply flawed.

Because EVERY politician is deeply human.

Turning every election into a game of “Which-Candidate-Is-More-Virtuous” is ludicrous.

We pick Christmas trees because we like the shape.

It’s a completely personal and arbitrary standard.

We pick political leaders the same way.

Remember: Political candidates are celebrities.

They don’t have the same rules as we who are voting for them.

You can select whichever tree suits your fancy.

Just don’t yammer about how your tree “is nicer” than mine.

Pretty soon, we’re going to throw them both out.

Yes, Virginia, Santa Is A Horrendous Lie

I’m truly sorry your parents let it go on this long, Virginia.

Deceiving children is an odd Christmas tradition in some families.

Since your folks won’t tell the truth, I’ll give you the skinny on the fat man.

Santa Claus is an imaginary character like Sponge Bob or Spiderman or an honest congressman.

Santa is a manifestation of Christmas ideals.

You can’t sit on an ideal’s lap with your Christmas list.

But ideals are REAL even though they don’t have laps, sleighs, or noses like cherries.

Peace, goodwill, hope, and joy actually exist.

The gifts in your stocking are real too!

Virginia, here’s what your folks don’t think you’re old enough to know:

Imaginary things can’t make real things.

The guy in the red suit posing for pictures at the mall is an imposter.

(If you dad is a mall-Santa that complicates your situation. Email me and I’ll walk you through it.)

Science easily demonstrates that Santa can’t be the source of gifts.

You don’t know science yet, Virginia.

So flying reindeer seems perfectly plausible.

The local weatherman even tracks Santa’s progress with radar!

You can watch Santa on the same technology they use to watch hurricanes.

Millions of people who don’t believe in Santa still believe in news agencies that broadcast Santa updates on Christmas!

(The same people tracking Santa will tell you about anthropic global warming.)

Virginia, I think you should know the truth.

The truth is ALWAYS appropriate.

Some grown-ups think fibbing is fine so long as it’s done to children.

I disagree.

Children should be asked questions so they’ll learn how to think.

“How can a reindeer fly?”

“How do you think your presents got under the tree?”

“What do you think it means to be a ‘good’ boy or girl?”

Maybe this year, Virginia, you should ask your parents a question!

“Why did you credit a fake person with your act of generosity?”

Why Christians Should Stop Being Thankful

The wisdom of God is believed to be infinite.

Given that, I assume the stupidity of godless thought is also without limit.

Today’s example certainly doesn’t falsify my assumption.

Christianity is directly responsible for countless hospitals, clinics, orphanages, food pantries, and miscellaneous starvation relief efforts.

In other words, Christians think about those starving kids but not just at dinner time.

Christians think about how to help sick, starving, poor people all the time.

And helping people requires strength which requires food which is why Christians give thanks.

But let’s set that aside.

We all need to be reminded to think about others.

That’s why Gary’s post is so obnoxious.

He isn’t speaking to his tribe of enlightened, free-thinking, rational heathen.

He’s speaking to Christians.

This is called, “hypocrisy”.

But let’s set that aside.

The gaggle of godless goons reminded me that scripture instructs me to care for others.


Poof! …anything resembling coherent thought just vanished.

Gary’s logic is as follows:

  • The Christian belief system demands we care for starving children.
  • The Christian belief system is ignorant, immoral nonsense.

Our rational, free-thinking, scientific friend has lit his thesis on fire.

But let’s set that aside.

Humanist-atheist-agnostic-whatever-you-call-yourself folks need to explain godless morality to Christians.

Telling Christians they should care for starving kids is cheating.

That’s like telling a swimmer he needs to get in the water.

Gary needs to explain why we should take care of starving kids if there is no God.

If all I have is a brief bit of consciousness and then I cease to exist forever…

...why should I spend any time thinking of other people?

…why should I care what happens after I’m gone?

And we need to remind Gary that he must answer these questions with Science.

He can’t use superstitious religions to make his case.

Maybe he should think about that next time he sits down at the table to gobble his food without a moment of grateful reflection.

It’s Not Smart to Deny Intelligence

How far are you willing to go to defend your faith?

What will you sacrifice for your religion?

Sometimes, the faith of non-believers puts Christians to shame.

The proponents of godlessness will do ANYTHING for their dogma.

For example:

If only Christians were half as devout as this guy!

He’s willing to deny the existence of intelligence!

That is an astonishing level of faith.

“Things only appear intelligent to us in any given evolutionary spacetime context.”

Intelligence is an illusion.

It doesn’t actually exist!

Consider the amount of blind faith it requires to make that statement.

Faith that the statement itself is true despite being formed without intelligence.

Faith that our senses are untrustworthy.

Faith about the reality of “any given spacetime context” throughout eternity.

Faith that all people have identical life experiences.

What a radical religion!

Tomorrow’s washing machine will be more advanced than today’s so…

…that means today’s machine isn’t designed by intelligence.

That’s sort of like saying that because we have digital photographs…

…cave paintings weren’t intelligently designed.

For the devout deterministic disciple, intelligence is actually A PROBLEM.

There isn’t any evolutionary reason for people to be so smart.

Evolution is “survival of the fittest”.

We don’t need mathematics, science, language, or philosophy to just “survive”.

Here’s the really awkward truth:

Survival doesn’t require religion either.

So how do you explain the evolution of religious thought throughout all humanity?

Well, if you’re an Atheist…

…you don’t.

Atheists don’t explain.

They just criticize.

They vomit superstition.

Thank God I don’t have to ignore common sense.

I can use rational thought instead of blind faith.

Rational thinkers admit there is evidence for intelligence.

Rational thinkers admit humans are much smarter than all other lifeforms.

Rational thinkers admit this is a big problem for anyone who doesn’t want to believe in God.

A Reason To Quit Christianity Right Now!

When you walk away from Christianity without a good reason, you look stupid.

The trouble is, there are no good reasons to walk away from Christianity.

So you’re going to look stupid no matter what.

Let me suggest a disguise that will make your irrationality somewhat less obvious.


That’s it!

Be truthful.

Just admit that you don’t want to believe anymore.

Do you know what will happen if you do that?

The apologists will leave you alone!

If you said, “I choose to believe there is no God”…

…your Christian antagonists would vanish like a mist!

There is no argument against such bold honesty.

But you need to be sincere!

This must be your only reason for leaving.

You can’t write lists of intellectual dilemmas.

You can’t complain about the “lack of evidence” for Christian doctrine.

You can’t preach about how awful Christians behave.

You can’t ramble about the superiority of other religions.

And most importantly…

You can’t talk about morality.

As soon as you open your mouth about right and wrong…

…everyone knows that you’re lying.

(Well…not everyone. Other non-religious simpletons don’t have a clue.)

Trust me.

Everyone ELSE knows you’re lying.

And…YOU know you’re lying.

We all agree that liars are detestable so…

…be honest when you leave Christianity.

It is your God-given right to turn your back on God.

And I’ll hold the door for you!


Live life on your terms!

Just quit pretending your non-religious status is anything other than self-centeredness.

It’s not of an enlightened revelation.

It’s not of a profound concern for the betterment of mankind.

You’ve decided to worship yourself.

Admit it and you’ll earn a little respect from those of us who’ve decided differently.

Night Night, Grateful Atheists and Offended by Bad Schools

THIS EPISODE – Gratitude NOT Thanksgiving
Emmi tells Pkarlgh “night-night”. Cami has a loose tooth which she won’t let me pull. We try to give a Carlina update but forget. The Peaches won’t let me talk about Thanksgiving anymore because it’s over. I got into some trouble telling an atheist how gratitude works. Lucky for me she doesn’t know where I live. Thing is, we can’t pile up a million meaningless people and suddenly get meaning from them. A large church pastor (hypothetically) comments on single parenting and it bugs me (hypothetically). I refuse to apologize for the way other people feel. I pretend to be butt-hurt for being overlooked. We talk about getting in trouble for saying true things to Christians. It’s difficult to buy congratulation cards for brain tumors.

Check out this episode!

How To End Christianity By Dinner Time

If you want to rid the world of Christianity, here’s what you should do:

Prove Jesus didn’t rise from the dead after he was crucified.

That’s it!

Christianity without the resurrection is like an omelet without eggs.

Like a racehorse without legs.

Without the resurrection, Christianity is done.

Disproving the resurrection is tricky, though.

There’s just so much freaking evidence to negate.

It won’t work to do this:


And no again.

Suppose “The Podunk Daily Beacon” featured this headline:

“Local Hunter Shoots 300-Pound Duck!”

That’s a pretty big duck.

Skepticism is justified.

You look for sources other than The Podunk Daily Beacon.

You are frustrated to learn that PDB is the only newspaper publishing the story.

But wait!

Stop the presses!

The 300-Pound Duck story is a collaboration!

Turns out, 3 separate reporters submitted the story to the PDB.

Let’s call them…Mark, John and Matthew.

The newspaper compiled the independent sources into one place.

Try to understand.

The Bible is a collection of information from different sources.

The sources are compiled into a single book.

Have I lost you?

This isn’t super-hard to understand.

Just because the PDB is the only paper with the story, it doesn’t mean the story is untrue.

The Podunk Daily Beacon has a pretty good track record so far.

Like the PDB, the Bible has proven to be a reliable source of information in the past.

You need to explain why you “have no confidence in the authenticity of the bible”.

And your explanation must include historical facts…not religious speculation.

(That’s really important.)

You have the right to say, “I don’t believe in 300-pound ducks”…

…but that doesn’t prove that a hunter hasn’t shot one.

You have the right to say, “I don’t believe people come back to life”…

…but that doesn’t prove the resurrection didn’t happen.

Why Christianity Is Better For Humans Than Humanism

One of my talents is helping people think about stuff.

I don’t discriminate.

Male, female, young, old, Christian, Humanist – I’ll help anyone!

Today, I’m going to help you, Humanists.

Humanism is a parachute for when you leap from the Christian airplane.

You shout, “I don’t need God to be good,” while free-falling through philosophical limbo.

When you pull the rip-cord, you’ll discover that your chute is made entirely of New Testament Christianity.

You say:

Humanism “stresses an individual’s dignity and worth.” When you do this you naturally value others for who they are … another human being.

And Christianity replies:

Let love be genuine; hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good; love one another with mutual affection; outdo one another in showing honor … Contribute to the needs of the saints; extend hospitality to strangers.

You say:

 Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers critical thinking and evidence over acceptance of dogma or superstition.

And Christianity replies:

But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be children of your Father in heaven; for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the righteous and on the unrighteous.


You don’t gain “value for humans” with Humanism.

Christianity has all that stuff already!

PLUS – (You Need To Read This Carefully)

Christianity offers a philosophically sound reason for “emphasizing the value and agency of human beings”.

This is crucial!

As a humanist, you say:


A few questions to help you see the futility of this humanist screed.

Would you say that you are greater than Jesus and thus able to outline His “faults and failures”?

Why shouldn’t people believe truth based on fear? I’m afraid I’ll die if I drink gasoline. Why are you morally opposed to fear?

You say, “people should be free to believe what they want”, does that include belief in God?  Does that include fear of punishment for sin?

How do you define “evil and immoral”?  Is it simply your opinion?

I’ll answer that last one for you…

“Yes.  It is your personal opinion.”

This is why you should ditch Humanism for Christianity.

Christianity is chock full of love, compassion, respect, kindness, generosity, and goodwill toward mankind.

AND Christianity has something not found in Humanism:

A rational explanation for evil and immorality!

That’s right!

Instead of offering your anemic “feelings” on slavery, rape, murder, and religious indoctrination…

…you can say “wrong” and know that it means something!

Christianity makes your morality real.

Humanism does not.